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Stop Cyberbullying

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A Detailed Explanation of Our Policy

We believe that no person should be bullied. People every day get bullied and harassed. That needs to stop. We hope that our policy will stop this nonsense and hopefully put an end to cyberbullying in our local community. Nobody should suffer from cyber bullying, especially kids and teens.

Our policy will help stop cyberbullies from sending bad messages to other kids around the world and to do this we are going to make an app that will delete all bad messages and send all good messages. This app can’t be hacked by any Cyberbullies. We decided to make a website to help all kids use the app and make sure to get the full benefits of the app. We will make sure that every kid around the world is safe and doesn’t get Cyberbullied.

We need more than a simple app and a website to stop cyber bullying though. That is why we will propose a bill; that we can send to the state and local government. The new law enforces stricter bullying and cyberbullying prevention. In our law, it will state that physical hurtful contact is strictly prohibited if on purpose. It will also add a new law that all schools must install the app and set up the app in a way that it will bypass the filters of all other chat apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. We hope that this policy will help the many schools who have students to have experienced cyberbullying.  

We know that kids will like going to schools more when we stop bullying and cyberbullying. We can do this by creating an app that will help kids communicate by blocking all bad messages and promoting good behavior in chatting online. In addition, we will be creating a website that will inform users how to use the app and tips and tricks to be safer on the internet. We will also make stricter anti-bullying laws that will promote no physical hurtful contact on purpose. We will also enforce all the schools in the state and the township to install the app and set it up in a way that every major messaging and social media app will be filtering bad messages for the kids to use and also see no bad words posted by adults and other kids. These laws and the app will help many people in schools and at homes be safe on the internet.



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