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Stadiumred Group is a marketing and communications holding company with 5 offices spread across the US and Europe. With a keen focus on building intelligent branding with a difference, they have managed to transform themselves into a agency collective powerhouse.

The company concentrates on creating a culture that inherently fuels targeted solutions for its diverse clientele. Stadiumred also has an unending passion for reverse engineering business growth.


Stadiumred has had an undeniably powerful impact.

They have touched more than 100 million people with their work. With a combined experience of 14 years and counting, they have worked with clients from more than 17 countries.

With some really great brands in its portfolio such as BMW, Disney, ESPN, Macy’s, Nestle, Nike, P&G, Ray-Ban, TEDxNashville, and so on, Stadiumred is one of the most impactful marketing and communications holding companies in the industry.


Stadiumred has successfully acquired a couple of highly skilled agencies to further build upon its unparalleled talent pool.

These include:

·        Nashville-based Gyrocity Projects, a company that specializes in digital marketing. Gyrocity Projects has a great roster of clients and has done some truly remarkable digital marketing work in the entertainment and music industries.

·        L.A.- and New York-based MagicBullet Media, a company that is a leading platform for content and storytelling solutions. MagicBullet has worked with renowned clients such as Nike, Disney, EA Sports, Fast Company, Unicef, Frito Lay, and so on.

·        Nashville-based Werkshop, a creative and branding agency, which has since been rebranded as SevenBlue.

With more agencies being added in the future and even a venture business, Stadiumred is a go-to solution for many of the world’s marketing and communications problems.


Stadiumred serves a number of verticals both in terms of the clientele as well as the work that they do.

As far as clients are concerned, Stadiumred has effectively dispatched its amazing services to clients from industries such as luxury lifestyle, hospitality, business to business, creative fields, consumer products, public relations, entertainment, finance, food & beverage, healthcare, and more.

They do their work through verticals such as creative branding, effective marketing strategy, highly targeted digital engagement, digital advertising, experiential marketing, content creation and beyond.

They always strive to be an integrated group of marketing agencies and have a strong passion for the arts, a genuine focus on providing quality service, a great responsibility of making a difference, and an eloquent love of what they do.

All this allows them to truly become a company of the future.


Stadiumred Group is an agency holding company of the future.

With targeted solutions, dedicated frameworks, and groups of really talented people, this is a place where all marketing problems can be solved in a modern way.

Marketing, communications, digital marketing, marketing streatgy … you name it. The solution to anything that a business will need to transform itself into a dominant brand can be found with Stadiumred and their collective of agencies. Their work is distinctly appealing and their approach even more so.

The creation of business growth is a difficult beast to tame. It requires years of experience, talent, potential, creativity, and understanding to create scalable, long-term business growth utilizing the industry’s best and most innovative marketing and communication practices.

And Stadiumred does that in a pretty straightforward and simple-minded manner.


Stadiumred is a time-tested holdings company. They have always offered only the top-notch, most functional, and completely future-ready solutions when it comes to their clients’ problems.

They started with the music industry. At a time when the industry was going through true transformation and many challenges.

Their humble beginnings in the music industry are proof that innovation and a knack to design breakthrough strategies are as genetic with the company as its consistency with quality service.

Currently, they’ve successfully pivoted and evolved into a full-blown marketing agency holding company serving companies across all verticals. They have built amazing campaigns for companies across the world and continue to do so.


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