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Seaworld, a famous aquarium visited by many people each day, needs to be stopped. Many Killer Whales' lives have been stolen by Seaworld. Many of them have died due to the fact that they weren't taken care of properly. Seaworld is a prison for these Orcas. Despite the fact that Seaworld is harming these animals, they continue to play pretend like nothing is happening. These social creatures have been forced to live in small tanks, alone, in poor conditions. The Orca lifespan can vary from 30 years to even 100 years for females in the wild. In Seaworld, their lifespan is only 14 years. Seaworld isn't helping these animals, they're simply making their lives worse. Not only does Seaworld affect Orcas, but they also, affect Emperor Penguins. Seaworld has stolen baby Emperor Penguins just for their exhibit. Seaworld continues to break the Animal Welfare Act, in January, the USDA found veterinary tools in disrepair. This isn't the first time. They were also cited in 2007, 2014 and 2012. Seaworld breeds Orcas in an unsafe nature. In the wild, Orcas breed at 15 years of age, Seaworld breeds them when the Orcas are only 8 or 9 years old. Many Orcas have died due to inbreeding. Seaworld gives their wild animals psychoactive drugs. These drugs don't even help the animals, they just become more hostile. Only 1% of Orcas in the wild have collapsed dorsal fins. Many of the Orcas in Seaworld have collapsed dorsal fins, which is a sign of poor health. This company only provide Orcas with food if they do their tricks properly. Many Orcas, such as Orkid have starved due to this.

If we can make this change, we can save these beautiful creatures and save the environment. Please help shut down Seaworld, and save the animals.

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