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Shut down durvs channel

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There is a youtuber known as durv, he clickbaits in everyone of his videos there is an arrow in every title and when you click on his video he sometimes doesnt even say anything about whats in the title. Youtube has let this kid get away with all the clickbaiting he does so now its time to take it into our own hands, he consistantly begs for likes and subscribers and he does fake give away's and gets away with too much, you may be saying now well hes a kid you are bullying him. IF YOU ARE OLD ENOUGH TO DO YOUTUBE YOU ARE OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW THE RULES, This kid goes against every law youtube has and he is getting too rich off of it and its time to put it to an end. The people involve are people just going on youtube trying to watch videos and they are giving him money for his wrong doing the solution is reality should hit him, he knows the rules and he has broken to many of them. i care because people work hard on there videos and don't get half as many views as this kid, he just slaps everything together and puts a title that has nothing to do with the video itself. Again it's not bullying you may think this is harsh but he is old enough to know the rules.

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