Remove unnecessary content in article

Remove unnecessary content in article

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Started by Zanna Sherlyn

Hi. Please help email to revise the article he’s published about my late brother [ 

It involved reopening his past offences which isn’t in anyway involved in the accident they are writing about. While, yes, he do have previous offences, it’s not necessary to add it in and it’s causing my family great distress , especially my parents, when netizens are commenting on the posts, berating and shaming my brother for his actions.

I’m not asking for the article to be taken down. If they want the accident to serve as reminder , the least they could do is revise the article, no need to mention his past offences. We, his family, are only seeking closure. It’s barely even been a year and yet such insensitive thing are being done. 

to make matters worse , the reporter who wrote about it said that he had quoted the pillion’s mother when I’m reality , after checking with the pillion’s mom, she had no such encounter with him. Even though the article was mostly about my late brother, no one contacted us to talk or ask about it. 

We are only asking for closure. For us and my late brother. We just don’t want anymore insensitive comments made.

100 have signed. Let’s get to 200!