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Regulate E-Bikes - Don't Ban Them!

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New York City is home to many restaurants that deliver to customers daily, whether in the rain, heat, snow, day, or night. Many of the deliverers use electronic bicycles (e-bikes) to ensure these orders are delivered on time and are still warm. Unlike California and European countries that encourage their citizens to use e-bikes, including England, Spain, and Norway, NYC does not currently regulate these popularly-used e-bikes and the city wants to ban them instead of regulating them.

 With hundreds of restaurants in every borough offering delivery and the recent increase in demand for food deliveries, banning e-bikes will hurt our local businesses. A ban on e-bikes means slower deliveries, cold food, less deliveries and tips, losing business, and thousands of deliverymen and women losing their jobs. E-bikes are not only environmentally friendly but also reduces traffic.

Restaurant employees, delivery personnel, dining customers, and supporters understand the need for pedestrian and traffic safety of riding e-bikes while delivering orders still hot, fast, and safely. We strongly urge the city to work with the state to propose legislation for regulating e-bikes instead of banning them. We want regulation on e-bikes, NOT a ban!

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