Petition for there to be a Tony Stark cameo in every Marvel film after Avengers 4

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It is largely assumed that Tony Stark (and many other characters) will die in the upcoming untitled 2019 film Avengers 4. 

On tumblr, it has been asked (by bit-chalky ) to start this petition

Users such as starkravinghazelnuts have even given ideas and examples.

"RDJ takes over as the new cameo guy in each MCU film. It’ll just be little things like:

Tony with cucumber slices on his eyes, treating himself at the spa; he hears a loud crash outside. He peels the cucumber slice off one eye, looking outside the window. Giant Man has just thrown a tractor trailer across town. He lays back down, “Glad it’s not my problem.”

Peter Parker has had a long adventure and then he gets a ping on his phone. It’s a video of Tony and baby Morgan playing with a Spider-Man action figure. 

A quick flash on the news of interviewers hounding Tony while he’s feeding pigeons at the park. “Would Iron Man like to comment?” Tony just stares blankly at them, “Iron Man? Who’s that?” then rollers skates pop out of his loafers and he zips away."

This idea would be an amazing addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And even though there is a low chance of this being able to happen, its worth a shot. 

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