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Open the cause for Sister Cathy Cesnik

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Sister Cathy Cesnik was brutally murdered under suspicious circumstances at age 26. By whom and whether or not she was murdered as a result of her attempts to stop abuse, does not detract from her heroic and saintly actions. She is very likely a martyr, but even if her murder was random, her life exemplifies honor, virtue, and dedication to the most vulnerable among us.

She was a charismatic, caring, and brave nun serving as a teacher who sought to expose predators and to stop the rape and sexual abuse of countless children. Her devotion to the Lord, her dedication to her vocation, and her selfless defense of those most vulnerable are worthy of sainthood. We, those who have signed this petition, feel she exemplifies a true spirit of Christianity that rejects clericalism and cronyism and that seeks to bring mercy, love, and justice to those who are most vulnerable. 

Many of us who have suffered at the hands of inaction within the church or who have suffered sexual abuse feel a strong bond with Sister Cathy Cesnik and would see the church acknowledging her and opening her cause for Sainthood as a step in the right direction toward make reparations to these victims - a type of reparation that cannot be made with public apologies and finite, worldly settlements. 

Opening the cause for Cathy Cesnik would not only show that the church does not wish to suppress those who would shine a light on its mistakes, but that it does indeed wish to be rid of corruption, abuse scandals, and victimization of children and/or vulnerable individuals. 

We humbly and sincerely ask that the Archdiocese of Baltimore take the steps to open the cause for Sister Cathy Cesnik to become a Servant of God, to be beatified, and to one day be canonized. 

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