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Department of Human services (Centrelink) must have to take & follow medical certificates

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Why does the Department of human services force us to get medical Certificates if they're just going to ignore them and not take any of our medical situations under consideration? If you haven't been through this yourself I'm sure you know someone that has. This can lead to serious Illness, Death or serious injury through stress, Death by illness and sadly Death by Suicide. This does happen. I have had this happen to me Personally and even seen a stroke victim turned away.

This petition is here so that you can have your say and hopefully we can get things changed and made fair. When we hand in a medical Certificate (forced or not) that says clearly that you can either not work at all or not work beyond a certain amount of hours that is how it should be no questions asked. Not by Centrelink or Job service Providers saying we can work more than what the medical Certificates says is basically calling our doctors and us liars, Hurting and even killing us.

Unless they are doctors in the fields that our medical conditions is relating to they should have no right to say how much we can or can't work when a medical certificate is provided. We know our limits first and foremost, Next in line to know our limits is the People closest to us (Family and Friends)  than finally a Doctor. Centrelink and the Department of human services are not Doctors (or our Doctors for those that claim to be) so beyond following a medical Certificate should have no say on our conditions and must be forced to legally follow any medical certificate without denial even if it's an updated one of conditions that they already know we suffer from.

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