No School On 3/7/18!

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Tomorrow, there has been a storm warning, and yet Bill De Blasio has still decided to let our children travel in these dangerous conditions. This is obviously very unsafe for several reasons. Here are only a few main causes as to why people may be at risk:

  • The children, bus drivers, parents, teachers, etc. will be unsafe when driving to arrive at these schools.
  • The children will in fact be leaving the school at the time of the peak of the storm, with the winds at 20 mph! And, the temperature will be an astonishing 30 degrees. This will effect people waiting for public transport, and it is likely that these modes of transport will be slowed down.
  • Since there is snow, and then rain/sleet after, then there will be severe amounts of ice on the roads and sidewalks. This will risk the danger of the students and bus drivers even more.

   Sign up to keep these children safe from the horrid weather and bus drivers and even parents. And, in the end it’s only a day of no school! Give the kids and parents commuting these children a break :).