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Operation Remove Barrow 2019 started this petition to Anyone interested in the course of the Gambia and


If you Want Chaotic Gambia, Allow President Barrow to Continue after 3 Years.

We all know what the constitution say but the coalition government now went on sign for 3yrs. Respect and responsibility should be honoured by the President Barrow by given his words and follow it.If he refuse to step after the 3yrs then we have to demonstrate peaceful to ask him to step down and respect his word even going to an extent to involve U.N., A.U etc.
President Barrow should respect the coalition leaders' agreement that's the dictate of good manners in a good Muslim or in a good human being in general. Let's put our selves in the shoes of the coalition leaders. If anyone of us is facing betrayal from a friend what will be your reaction?? Before we ask for peace let us ask for justice. If President Barrow is allowed to serve for 5 years we are sending a very wrong message to our future leaders because they will not be able to trust each other and as a result, it will be difficult to work together to solve major issues or problems facing our nation. Let's tell the president the hard truth for the benefit of our country and her great people.
This is why operation Remove Barrow is campaigning against 5 years for Barrow to serve but If refused to step down after 3 years it will just give him a bad reputation and history will not favor him. Yes, the constitution allows him to serve 5 years and they all knew that while they were making the agreement but the situation they were in at the time nothing would have worked out for them other than MOU. That is why it would be better for them to go back to the table and change the MOU then tell the Gambians why they need to do so. All the coalition leaders should renegotiate and agree on something about this 3/5 but years issue, President Barrow should not go about it a lone without the approval of the coalition leaders.
If you think Coalition is history, it's not. Just because no one has made noises about the MOU, it means it went through the trash. Wrong! We watching president Barrow playing his cards, playing with country's money to buy potential votes and we watching him courting APRC powerhouse to allow him win a plan run for presidency 2021 and give president immunity to Killer Yahya Jammeh to freely come back. All these means less. And when you bring the constitution as an argument for Barrow to continue, that is not an argument I will buy into. We all knew about the constitution, why didn't Barrow raised his hand and say the constitution says 5 years. He would never be president then. Those on the side Barrow to go beyond 3 years, don't think we will stand still and watch that happened without challenging.
Giunea Bissau did it with their intrim president years ago with all out demonstrations and they succeeded. Their intrim president resigned. Why GAMBIANS can't do it. Let's SAVE our country from selfish leadership to meaningful leadership.Gambians are creating another kind of leader without realizing it. President Barrow will test us to see how we will react if he attemp to continue beyond the 3 years and if he succeeded, the UDP party party maybe the next casualty.If you want chaotic Gambia, allow president Barrow to continue after 3 years with a consensus GAMBIANS voices.
Truly, dictators are not born, they are made, and Gambian are very good in creating them
On the other hand, Barrow would not have been a President without the Mou .
All knew that there was the Constitution .
If we say Constitution then Borrow should step down. ��
We need to be candid to each other and be fair to our families back home. At a time when our meager resources are being looted in broad daylight, bag of rice is still over thousand dalasis, loaf of bread (tapalapa) sells at D7, people are dying from curable diseases like pneumonia or better yet our medical professionals are diagnosing everyone with either malaria or hypertension (high blood), women are dying during delivery, the list goes on and on, I want to believe that removing Barrow out of the office with more than a year left on the MOU terms, should be the least of our concerns or demands. However, we all know that the poor farmers in the rural areas are not worried about how long Barrow stays in power,they're worried about their next meal, or how to get a safe drinking water.
The government shouldn't be using previous government as an excuse or how terrible the system was when they tookover, it's been almost 2 years and millions of dollars have been pumped into the country, there should be no town or village in Gambia without a safe drinking water, but there are tons of them.
Operation Remove Barrow 2019 is here to stay,in less than 2 months we were able to gather more than 2000 signatures/petions/members.Our objective is to gather up to 100,000 petions by the beginning of 2019 enough to show to the whole world that Gambians don't want Barrow and should step down. Part of our plans is to launch our movement in the Gambia with over 3000 T-shirts to be printed and distributed all over the country bearing the name of the Movement "Operation Remove Barrow 2019" with our logo.Our WhatsApp group "Operation Remove Barrow 2019" is the most talk about groups in the Gambia. Submit your numbers for add ups.

Thank you all once again for joining the movement and for your support and signatures. You already know what the group is about, however, it's important to highlight the rules we have in place:

1. The group is not party affiliation, meaning, you can't propaganda one party agendas over others - the group is strictly anti Barrow on how to remove barrow by 2019 discussing Gambian issues, ideas and concerns in respectful and factual manner.

2. You can't post or forward unrelated or irrelevant things that the group isn't intended for. For example religious posting, party affiliate postings and decisiveness.

3. You can contribute to group in any languages you comfortable with either verbally or in writings.

4. You cannot use the platform to call or send folks things individually that aren't welcoming. If you want to share something, post it on the platform.

5. We want our discussions to be polite, respectful, meaningful and positive as possible for contributors and listeners to benefit.

6. Failure to comply to these rules, an individual could be subjected to deletion from the group.Thank you for contributing to make Gambia better!

Some of our proposals and activities and inshallah preparations are in advance stages to implement as planned. We are not in a hurry because the agenda of removing Barrow in 2019 is already a done deal. The message is already filtering, and I have no doubt that majority of gambians are only waiting for time to rise up against this clueless, greedy and selfish government. We have been receiving pledges from individuals and our selected partners who pledged their full support financially or morally to our course..Plans are under way to meet some selected NAMs and CSOs who share the same ideology with our movement. 100,000 petitions/signature of gambians where ever they might be in the world, which we believed is enough to show the world that gambians don't want Barrow and therefore he should step down. Our biggest event, which will be the launch of the movement in the gambia will be communicated to all members and partners as, soon as we ready soonest. On this particular day we also intend to print 3000 T-shirts, 500 hundred for each region bearing the name of the movement and logo. We will distribute this T-shirts evenly all over the country inshallah. Last but not the least, we all know that no organization will move without the necessary financial support, hence we soliciting donations to make this happen.We have also come with the following proposals for all the members:

1.those residing in the Gambia should pay D100.

2.those residents outside of the Gambia should pay(a) Africa=€20 (b) Europe/USA/Asia= €50.All pledges and support will be included.

We are more than determined with  our agenda  with your full support. However, it's the Gambia that Interest all of us and we have all seen how the country is been run and directed by clueless people at detriment of poor gambians. In short this is what I have to say at the moment. ORB is here to Stay, no amount threats can distract us. May God continue to protect the Gambia, help the poor and the needy, Amen. Thank you.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!