Getting Sunrise off AustralianTv, as David and Sam have both outstayed there welcome.

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Sunrise on Australian Tv the reason why it should no longer be broadcasted.

1. Samantha Armytage is highly racist and should not be on Tv.

• If Samantha Armytage could genuinely say sorry, for what she thought was a good idea for yet another “stolen generation” then she can think again and also think before she speaks.


2. David Koch for bullying and ambushing.

• David Koch couldn’t talk for himself, unless he had another person to try and back him up. (Both grown men) ambushing Pauline Hanson the way they both did on Tv.

To be racist on tv and bully someone on tv, it is in my eye UnAustralian!.

To be quiet honest, Why is Pauline Hanson still in Parliment? 

Why does she not have a petition running against her, to be out of the Parliment?. 

Is it because she speaks for what the Australia people want?

For what the Australian people have to say?. 

I really don’t understand much of it at all, but when you’re saying to Pauline Hanson. Does she care about what happened in New Zealand? over this horrible shooting.

When innocent people have died no matter there colour, religion anything. Your asking the question? If Pauline Hanson cares about what happened of these innocent lives?. 


Use your commensence and think before you speak, of course she does care. Pauline will be running and talking for what the Australian people want. That is Peace, Love and Respect. Not everyone is perfect, not even Pauline Hanson. But no women or anyone should be ambushed and talked to, the way David and Derryn have done. 

Everyone should be Respecting the land of Aboriginal People, also abit more respect for women in this world.

Sunrise doesn’t deserve to be on Tv anymore, we deserve to have a Morning show that broadcasts the land we live on. To love and respect everyone, also to not act like they live in Parliment and understand everything. 

Because obviously David Koch wants to be a politician, Samatha Armytage wants to go off and be a Model. Because all I see is her in papers about what she is wearing. 

Im sure Australia can find another cash cow and Morning Show to represent all the values of this Country. As Sunrise doesn’t meet any kind of values from what anyone can see. 

At the end of the day someone needs to stand for the rights of the Aboriginal Land we live on today, women’s rights and getting sunrise off as a Morning show. 

I know this is practically 3 petitions in one but hey be good to get all 3 up in the air and actually looked at. 







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