To urge Health Canada to take immediate action to prevent the spreading of Coronavirus.

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As of February 2, 2020, there are four cases of Coronavirus in Canada. It may not seems severe only because Canada is far away from cities with high number of infected patients.

However, by the time more cases show up in Canada, it will be too late to take measurements to implement infection control.

We urge Health Canada to take immediate
actions of plans below, to keep Canada safe. This is also to eliminate public fear and thus prevent rascism towards Canadians of diverse backgrounds.

1: Body temperature check of arrivers to Canada by any transportation, and especially for those from airport.

2: Individual body temperature check of arrivers and 15 days quarantine at designated hotels. These two steps are for of arrivers that fit into these situations*

*People depart from cities within China and nearby.

*People who stayed at cities within China and nearby within 15 days, but not necessary arrive to Canada from the above suggested places.