Give our Nurses and Midwives the pay they deserve

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As a group of students from Macleans College, we want to try help and influence the pay increase for nurses and midwives throughout New Zealand we believe they deserve fair pay and healthy workplaces. In a statement released by Mr. Wagstaff who works with the District Health Board, he said; "Nurses have been picking up the slack by missing meal and toilet breaks, working unpaid overtime and operating with completely inadequate staffing levels so that patients don’t suffer. Nurses have a reasonable expectation that they will now be paid fairly for their work and their employer will fix the inadequacies in their working environment." Nurses and Midwives are not only being underpaid but also underappreciated. They have recently rejected the latest offer from the New Zealand District Health Boards from their collective agreement negotiations which was a 2% pay increase. This rise isn't going to achieve what they really need is sustainable work environment and healthy workplaces. The board has continued to meet about the issue so with the continuation of support we believe we can help achieve this.