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Have you ever encountered someone who judged you from your appearances? Have you encountered someone calling and giving you names based on how you look? Thousands and millions of people are facing this issue everyday and are demoralised and upset about it.

I would like to call you onboard in this campaign, to share your stories on how you deal with these mean namecalling assholes. Hashtag @ohhfxckit #FXCKIT #FXCKBEAUTYSTANDARDS to bring awareness to this issue. Support all of us, by giving one another the affirmation that we need - it’s okay to be yourself and we love you for who you are!

This might be trivial to many, but for people who have to undergo name-calling and lookism on a day to day basis, this is a platform to let them know that they are not alone.

Please, do something! You can show your support by posting any photo / any status with the relevant hashtags. Let the world know about this issue!

Thank you World. Thank you people!