Down with Dams

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 Dams impact the natural wildlife negatively. It blocks of the fish migration so many fish species goes extinct by cutting off their spawning grounds. The reservoir has low oxygen levels so many fish that requires high amounts of oxygen can't survive. Sediments which are needed for soils to get nutrients are also getting blocked from going downstream so meaning that many plants aren't getting enough nutrients which could lead to a disaster.

Not only the fish and the sediments but the habitats and farmland are also getting destroyed. There are also changes to waterways and watertables, displacement of aboriginal people, and where large areas of land are flooded. There's an increased amount of mercury in fish which is deadly. Decomposing materials in reservoir emits methane which is more potent in warming the earth than CO2.

What we want is to stop the production of dams or at the very least reduce the number of dams being built to reduce the negative impact of dams.