Convince our Dungeon Master to re-run our favorite one-shot.

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It was a day in late July that my journey began. I had awoken in a fantastic world, as many such stories begin, with a simple goal in mind; I had to return home. Before me, a stranger who was just as lost as I. So began a small series of sessions that we lovingly titled "Anime RP." It was a short-lived but fantastic world packed full of overly saturated areas to explore. Filled to the brim with fantasy tropes and magical blunders the world began to come alive in a unique way. After four episodes of this roleplay, our DM moved on and left us heartbroken and without a conclusion.

This petition will help me and my dear friends relive this story in a way that we could never imagine. Our DM has guaranteed that, if we get 500 unique signatures for this petition, we will get a 24 episode roleplay that let's us relive this world that we could only wish to expand on.

If you've ever done a one shot roleplay that you believe had potential, it's your duty to help me achieve this goal. I have taken the time to write this description because I'm passionate about the time that I get to spend with my friends. Please take the time to sign this and help me achieve these goals. At no cost to you, you can make my dreams come true. Thank you.