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Change the date of Flag Day

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Flag day was my favorite holiday. Best Day of the Goddamn Year - right Smack in the Middle of June, a delicious appetizer to Independence Day, a fulfilling dessert after Memorial Day. Its purpose stood out to me more than any other American Holiday - Flags. Where would Our Great Nation, among the hundreds of others across the Globe, be without our flags? We may come from different backgrounds, have different beliefs, but the one (And Possibly Only) Thing that unites the World together is our Flags.

Last year, I began the Great Preparation for Flag Day. A Celebration was to be hosted at my domicile - 100% Flag Themed. Flags hanging everywhere, my very own custom Flag Costume, Flag Food, Flag Games, Flag Cake! Everyone whom I have ever loved was invited. However, the morning of Flag Day, I got the worst news of my life. News that ruined my Love for Flag Day.

It was also Trump’s birthday.

Nothing devasted me more - how could Trump’s birthday and Flag Day fall on the same day? How did I go about my entire life not knowing this? Flag Day was forever ruined.

Now this is where you come in.

I believe, that with enough attention, and enough passion, that we can change the date of Flag Day. It doesn’t have to be huge - even the 13th or the 15th of June would do. Just to make sure that The Best Holiday of the Year does not have to share the same date as Trump’s birthday...if we could change Flag Day’s date, it would mean the world to me.

Unfortunately, not a lot of people agree with me about the importance and purpose of Flag Day. But, with this information as an advantage, I ask you this - how big of a deal WOULD it be to change the date of Flag Day? How BIG of an inconveience would it really be? 

Please, sign the petition and help me change the date of Flag Day.

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