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Get rid of Logan Paul’s Content/Account on Youtube

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For too long Youtubers have made content that is offensive and suffered no repercussions for they’re actions. They just write an apology letter and the internet forgets for a few weeks. Well I say NOT THIS YEAR! This is 2018. We need to usher in a new dawn of change. We’re not letting them silence us anymore. By removing this channel you’re not just removing something offensive off the internet, you’re showing people that we have a voice. That an apology is not an excuse for actions. This is a symbol of not just the American people, but people all over the world to show that they have a voice and that they want change. While this may seem like petitioning to remove a one single cretin off of YouTube, it represents SO much more. It all starts with one simple action. So please, join with me and help make 2018 the Year of Change.

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