Help teenagers fulfil their passion for dance

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New Plymouth is a small town, so we don't have many dance studios. Although there are some good studios here, they don't focus on the type of dance many teenagers in New Plymouth are passionate about. This is a petition to get a Street Dance/Hip Hop studio in New Plymouth. Yes I understand  that this is a mediocre problem however not being able to learn about the thing we love is disheartening. We have so many passionate teenagers who have tried to teach themselves through YouTube but it didn't work very well. We have tried many things and have contacted big dance organisations in New Zealand that said they are very keen to help and they will call us back. One year later we are still waiting . Our time is nearly running out. We are nearly to that stage where we have to make the life changing decisions of what we want to do when we leave school. This is our last hope for a chance to live out our dreams. You don't need to be passionate about dance but please every signature helps. Please contact with any information that could help is. Thank you all it's much appreciated.

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