British people STILL showing support for Boris, despite the biased left media

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I voted  for Boris Johnson to be the Tory leader and subsequently voted for a Tory  government, in what was dubbed the " Brexit election". 

The Tories won by a huge landslide, showing the biased left media exactly what the MAJORITY thought of  its anti-British rhetoric.  

Despite this, and amid the current unprecedented situation the World has found itself in ,due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the same biased media has  continued with its scathing " journalism" , seeking to degradmte Boris and the Government continuously  

Ironically, however, the more the media and the " new" opposition, strive to thwart any positive actions the government takes; the more the public support for Boris and co. grows.

People have asked for a petition to show this support; so here it is! 

Get signing! Carry on with the great work Boris; we're all behind you .