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"Brighten someones day"

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  • This is ENTIRELY just for fun/respect . . .

    Alright . . . I'm just making this to make a point, What I mean by that will be answered in the following . . . 

    Hello, I am a 14 year old just now leaving middle school going into high school, I was homeschooled for 7 years of my life, So trust me . . . getting used to the public school thing was hard but I started to fit in, Around 4/21/17 I had asked my crush to formal, and every 13-year-old boy's dream happened (13 at the time) She said yes, But about the 2nd week of our relationship someone used my name on a story/community website called watt pad and sent threats (Death/Rape/etc.) to her including a few of my other friends that used said website, THIS ALL LASHED ONTO ME, and of course I was almost taken away from my family . . . But it has since been cleared up, everything but the pain that the words said to me and said about me didn't clear up at all, All I want is for people to sign this so I know that people care, Thank you for reading this . . . I hope you take the time to sign this, it means the most to me. -Sammiy 

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