Black lives matter

Black lives matter

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Many of our population used to hate black people or any kind of dark skin, you know what?  We don't have the right to choose our skin color so be thankful for that if you are given that kind of skin.

I was wondering why those people especially in northern country hates black Americans,they are human too they have a feelings too so let's just respect them and treat them right.

I have watched all the news that talks about racist and I was very disappointed while I am watching it, 

The skin color of a person doesn't define who they is, so let's stop hating them , we're all son of God and only God created us ,god give eyes to us to see the truth not to hate others , we should learn to respect everyone.

Black people are PEOPLE not animals, stop killing innocent black people , everyone wants a freedom and justice but what about you? Didn't you know the feeling of being criticize?see? If you're on their place the first thing that you will wish is peace and freedom.

That's a simple thing so we should give that to them , all people deserves life so we should let them to live their lives comfortably.



10 have signed. Let’s get to 25!