Overturn The FCCs vote on ending Net Neutrality

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 FCCs vote today to end Net Neutrality. I know a lot of you might be tired of hearing about it but please just hear me out. We have about 60 days for Congress and the Supreme Court to put their foot down. We have to stand up and make our voices heard now more then ever on this issue. Anymore we all relay on the internet for just about everything. We use it for education, jobs, careers, entertainment, socializing and meeting new people, and even shopping, etc... The internet has become a very vital tool in just about everything. I relay on the internet for my education, my friendships, as well as my relationship. This won’t just effect me though. This will definitely effect many of you as well. Paying outrageous fees to do simple things on the internet is just ridiculous and in today’s worsening economy many of us can’t afford it. Think about the schools who use the internet as a tool for learning. Think about the families who will no longer be able to stay connected. Think about the relationships and friendships crumbling before people’s eyes. And last but not least think about the business owners who have online sites. What if they can’t afford the $500 just to put their website up? Also think about this, America is one of the biggest consumers in the world. Many of us buy things online from not only here but many other countries around the world. Most of us won’t be able to afford this luxury anymore thus creating a decrees in trade resulting in less and less money going into our already crumbling economy. This won’t only effect our economy though but also the economies of multiple countries around the world. I’m starting petitions and I’m planning on peaceful protesting this and making my voice heard. IM NOT GOING TO JUST SIT AROUND AND WATCH AS THEY JEOPARDIZE NOT ONLY MY FUTURE BUT THE FUTURES OF BILLIONS OF OTHERS.

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