A 25 year travesty! Help exonerate Ricky Darnell Godfrey from a wrongful conviction.

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At the young age of 18, our love one was arrested, charged and eventually wrongfully convicted for a crime he did not commit. There is proof of his innocence and because we are a family without financial resources, we're having difficulties with getting the necessary help that's needed. We pray that by drafting up this online petition, we're able to generate the support and attention of those who has the power and resources to right a wrong. Ricky's support system is very limited as family has abandoned him because of the stress inccured while fighting to get him free. I am his fiancee and though it is difficult for me because I am a single parent supporting Ricky, I believe in Ricky's innocence and vowed to never give up on him. If anyone can help us unravel the truth in his innocence, we know with great certainty that Ricky will be rightfully exonerated at last. We thank you in advance and look forward to having this wrong righted. Such change will bring Ricky home to his family ie; fiance, kids, grandkids, grandmother and parents. He don't deserve to succumb inside of prison for a crime he did not commit.