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Help me pay down my present debts so I don't loose my house

I know this is an unusual petition but I need your help. I drove a school bus for twenty-seven years and would still be driving if I had not broken my back in three places and was forced t retire and went through all of my savings the first few months of.waiting for my Social Security Disability and my modest retirement benefits. If I had not accumulated debt prior to my injury I would not be in trouble now. I have worked from the age of 14, and never imagined that I would not be able to work any more but it happened. I will be 65 years old in a couple of months and at this point I I will not live long enough to pay back the money I owe! Never have I asked for help before but I am asking now. I owe $25:000, can anyone help me? I live in the hamlet of Tillson NY and have taken a POBox (338) if you can find it in your heart to help or feel like writing...Thank you.

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