Sora's Defense

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For the past few days, Sora has been emotionally and mentally unstable.

School, family, and life in general got harder for them. When finally they snapped when their mom yelled at them.

They attempted to harm their family out of self defense because of their delicate psyche that was broken because of her family.

Her partner helped them snap out of it, and they got into prison for that they were guilty for EVERYTHING true and yet they didn't even put up a fight when police arrested them.

True this would automatically make Sora look guilty, but considering their circumstances could you blame them for what they did?

School was terrible and horrible for them,their mother was a horrible and terrible to to them, and life was horrible and terrible for them. And to make it worst during their time in prison,they were violated by a group of male inmates.

There has been no end to their misfortune,and if the court can't see that they're clearly in deep trouble,then members of the court shouldn't be doing their job.

And now Sora is going to death trial for something that is out of their control and when they need help please for their sake and for their partner's sake please sign this so she can then get the help she needs.