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Asifa, an 8 yr old CHILD was RAPED AND MURDERED . After repeatedly raping the innocent child, they strangled her and as an extra measure of safety,  in order to ensure that she would never wake up to testify against her rapists, they hit her on the head with a heavy stone.....not once but twice. Irrespective of what the motive for this brutal and barbaric act might have been, the question is how can people bring themselves to do this to anybody, least of all, a CHILD ? For the betterment of our country that sadly, refuses to learn from experiences as brutal and shocking as the Nirbhaya case that shook most (if not all) of us to the core and led to a huge outcry, we really really really need to unite together to send across the strongest message ever possible to the Govt. that has a moral responsibility to protect each and every one of its Citizens as well as to anyone who might be harbouring such disgusting thoughts that "the perpetrators of such barbaric acts should and will be put to death for even so much as thinking such thoughts, if not by the Govt. by means of an appropriate law, then surely by the public". I do not have any children yet (and in a way I'm relieved that I don't yet) but you who read this, might have kids already and this is the least you and i can do to ensure the safety of people of all ages and sexes (particularly innocent children) against Rape. Stand by me to push for a law akin to the law in Saudi Arabia for RAPE.......i.e. Instant death by hanging or by chopping off the heads of the rapists/molesters in full view of the general public. OUR COUNTRY HAS TO CHANGE AND WE MUST MAKE THAT CHANGE HAPPEN. JAI HIND!