Get my parents to give me my sisters room

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So I'm seven years older than my sister and i have a very small box room, in my room there is probably about a 1m by 1m Walking space, the rest of the small amount of room is taken up by a large cage that i have my three pet rats in, my cupboard, a chair and my bed, i have so little room that my xbox has to be placed on top of my cupboard. But my sister has a very large room, she is a very small person and she only goes in her room to sleep. Her room is probably four times larger than mine and my parents refuse to give me it because "she has too many toys" well the little brat never even plays with these toys man and i am angry. Please sign, i have been stuck in this box for too long watching my sister (who is six and a half years younger than me so i am a lot larger and i need more room) get away with stealing the big room and i am in desperate need.