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Boycott Cuarón!

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Have you heard about the upcomming feature film "Gravity" starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney? It does sound like a wonderfull film but unfortuntely  it has a dark side. The film's director, Alfonso Cuarón, directed the infamous Autism Speaks video campaign "I Am Autism" in 2009.  This video caused an uproar within the Autistic Community: not only did it offend Autistic People, but it also offended their Non-Autistic Allies. "I Am Autism" shows a very one sided view of Autism, which is a condition that affects individuals with in different ways. Autism is a spectrum disorder with both positive and negative aspects- something that Autism Speaks has not addressed in that video.With such a negative reception, Autism Speaks has taken down this commercial, without ever apologising to the Autistic Community for their actions.

As an Aspie (someone diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome; a mild form of Autism) I was truely offended. Autism Speak's calls my community, and ultimately me, a disease. I am a human just like you; I work hard, I care for my friends and family, and people like me deserve respect. We on the Autistic Spectrum try our hardest to contribute all we can to society, the least we can ask is to be treated with respect especially by the organisations who claim to help us. Autism Speaks has failed in that endeavour, and Alfonso Cuarón has ultimately enabled them.

By boycotting Cuarón's latest film 'Gravity' you will agitate  people involved in such endeavours to take responsiblity for what they have done, and the people who they have offended.

Signing this petition will only take a minute or two, but even such a small, seemingly insignifigant, act like this, WILL make a difference, and I and the entire Autistic Community will be grateful. 


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