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Seeking for funds to setup Website to guide UNEMPLOYED YOUTH for their CAREER.

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**If someone taking from society it’s his Moral duty to give something back to society**

<<<Hello please accept my greetings>>>

Idea behind RebootReads.

Hello My Name is Sandeep “The man behind RebootReads” who wants to launch a quality Wordpress blog by which I want other young writers and unemployed youth to get guidance by my real time experience.
Initially I started blogging and use to write with free services and soon people started liking it. I was blogging part time only but few days ago I met an accident and my leg got fractured and due to this I just got time to rethink what i am doing and for whom i am doing so idea of RebootReads started taking shape by which i can help blog beginners or who wants to start their blog and want to earn living through blogging. As we know many people write blogs but very few of them guide other through their blogs so finally I thought of full time professional blogging which eventually could contribute in two ways-

1.Source of income to survive.
2.We know that many people are running their blogs to earn living. I feel if we earn from society we must give something back to the people of society. I have passion to write and spent great time reading and understanding concept of blogging and how you can take it to heights of success so I thought why not to create a blog which help and guide others to create their own blogs. [Feeling responsible as resident of earth] but for this i need to have professional website and needed other sources too.
It’s always tough to decide which direction to go and very simple reason behind this situation absence of a true guide who can hold your finger and make you walk on right path.
Eventually this right path will allow you “freedom of work” [dream of every single person] So RebootReads is dedicated to those who want to launch their blogging platform but lacking guidance.

Blogging has become great source of earning for life but you know great thing about blogging “it gives back to society in terms of knowledge, real time information and motivates to earn online.

How donation will be used??

Although I know that Patrons will get some practical tricks to develop a earning blog but at the same time to reach maximum readers I need to develop a quality blog website too so communication can be boosted and reach can be widen. So donation will help RebootReads to-

Marketing/SEO Expenses are continuous expenses by which RebootReads can show its presence on social platform to grow and get traffic.
This is obvious that to release a movie we need many instruments, same in this case requirement of some instruments like printer, At least one set of table chair needed and ongoing expenses of electricity and internet need to be in my pocket.

How you Can Help Me.

As of now i don't have Website so i have to start from a crowdfunding company where i can collect donations and start a website to give guidance and indirect employment where you can donate from 1$ to whatever you want for this Nobel Cause. 

I am sharing a link here which will redirect you to crowdfunding page of mine and you can make donation for this cause.

or you can click on facebook link below  where you can donate by clicking signup



Thank You





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