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Let's get Australia back

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As a democratic nation we are not being evenly represented in all levels of governments. The only way to acheive an even representation of all Australians in the Australian government is to bypass the current major parties and progress to a more singular party with individuals representing pockets of Australians far and wide. This enables greater relevant, democratic, public discussions representing all Australians. They key will be the public, honest communication evoking trust in all Australians ensuring a responsible government is making democratic decisions solely based on Australians and Australia. Personally i believe the first step is to educate Australia about the alternative to the major parties and try to create a singular, honest, even playing field for every Australian party. I have recently have come across the Australian Soverignty Party and they promote the belief of educating Australia of a diverse party that could potentially combine with many parties in order to arise greater discussions and more thoughts of Australians far and wide. I truly think this is the most sustainable way for Australia to progress to a better future.

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