To get my mom back in court

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In 2004 My Mom Caught A Case With Someone Else , She was Charged with Conspiracy to A fire Arm & Drugs. She Fought the Case Till May 2006 & took A Deal Of 3-6 Years. Me & My Brothers Were Young , our father never played a role in our life So The Judge Gave her 2 Weeks to situate Her kids in a stable home while she was gone. But Those who knew my mother Knew She Didn’t Trust None One Around the 4 Kids She had Left Cause in 1989 she was arrested & A Family Member Went behind her back & sent her 2 Oldest to their father in Puerto Rico , which left her loosing all rights to get them back. So She Went on the Run For the Shake Of her kids. She was Later arrested in 2016 on a new case which was thrown out at her preliminary hearing . She was sent directly to the hole at RCF they claimed she was State property , following week she was sent to Muncy . As she walked in they Handed her paper work which said her sentence. 3 different sentences at that !
All running separates !Judge was upset that she didn’t turn herself in 2006 & re sentenced her to 25-50 Mind you My Mom Is 54 meaning the rest of her life she will spend it in jail. All over A Fire Arm & drugs ! No murder ! No robbery ! Nothing that will add up to a 25-50.
Everyone Knew her knows That she Took the shirt off her back for the next person. She Helped Homeless People ! Drug addicts ! Everyone Wasn’t no shame in her game to give a hand out ! We tried With A Lawyer to get an Appeal Done but it was Denied Because She had 30 days to Appeal it after the judge Re sentenced her To the 25-50. Unfairly giving her no chance back in court cause she was never present when she was Re sentenced! Family Is trying everything to get her home! But seems like every place we run to we get shut down. My mom has plenty of health issues & the system is failing to give her the right treatments she needs. my mom doesn’t deserve the time she got. Her kids need her Home , her grandkids need her home , We All Do ! I’m asking for everyone to take a second & share my mom story �� #JusticeForMaria