Bikers Help Make it a Law that mowing your lawn into the road should result in a fine

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I See People Mowing All The Time Blowing The Grass Into The Roadway Its Un Safe For Motorcycles and Mopeds even cars if it rains at all that's even worst have you even tried to stop in grass in a car you slide now but a hard surface under it now add water now lose two tires and try it.... accidents are caused everyday because of this I drove down the road and saw a man blowing grass all in the road and there were over 50 bikers out having a nice ride and that could have been deadly or should be enforced as a police officer I made people who did this sweep it up and if they were unable to do so I used a leaf blower to remove it from the road way its slice causes tires to lose traction and should be stopped please sign this petition so we can keep these streets of ours safer for all drivers alike