NKU Spring 2020 graduates deserve their own stage to be recognized.

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Dear President Vaidya and the NKU board,

We recognize the decision to cancel the commencement for May 2020 was not something of small gratitude. Much deliberation, thought and hard work went into it and we have accepted it being canceled due to safety and the well being of faculty, staff, students and the community. With that being said, for the countless graduating students meant to walk in May - this decision is gut wrenching. We have put in endless hours, a lot of effort and dedication to get the opportunity to celebrate our achievement by making it to the stage. For some, this is not only a chance to commemorate their hard work, but also a chance for them to walk across the stage as the 1st person in their family to graduate college. A momentous moment for not only them but for their entire family and future family as well. As of now, we have been told that we can walk in December but I urge you to consider holding two separate ceremonies for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, holding a ceremony for two graduating classes will prolong the commencement which will deter students, families and the community away. Many individuals cannot stay for a prolonged ceremony due to outside obligations like work. For first generation students this creates another barrier for them to celebrate such a family victory. 

Secondly, NKU has never required tickets for graduation and we foresee that being a viable option as the arena can only hold a certain amount of people . We should have the same opportunity as not only past but future graduates have, to have whomever they want in audience to celebrate their achievement.

Thirdly, many graduating students will take jobs in other countries, cities or states and they won’t be able to make it to a December graduation ceremony. 

Finally, we deserve to graduate as a SPRING 2020 Class because it’s who we’ve been on this journey with. They’ve been by our side for the struggles, sweat, tears, and hard work put into our college career. They have become our family and together we want to be recognized.

We ask that you consider holding a ceremony for the Spring of 2020 graduates later in the year before the December commencement.

Thank you,

Graduating students and those who support the cause.