Overturning Life sentences for inmates

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More than 50,000 prisoners are serving life sentences without parole in America today.  Among these states, studies have shown that 72% of Mississippi inmates are African American and 2/3 of the inmates in the custody of Mississippi Department of Corrections have been sentenced to life without parole, meaning that they will die imprisoned and are African American.  The sad part is that for most individuals that have been sentenced to life, no lawyer will be carefully examining the facts of their cases.  No one can say for certain that these individuals without a doubt committed these crimes.  There are so many unrighteous and hateful individuals in society today that they would do whatever necessary to create a place for themselves in this society.  Rather it means that another individuals freedom is the sacrifice for his or her cause.  As the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia put it in 2015 opinion, "The reality is that any innocent defendant is better off appealing a death sentence than a sentence of life imprisonment."  Several cases have shown where individuals have been convicted and sentenced to life that were innocent.  In 1978 Joseph Sledge case is a prime example about not being able to say for certain a person is guilty even when there are judicial systems established to supposingly render fair and accurate trails. 

Prison was supposed to be a method to rehabilitate an individual.  Until the mid-1970, rehabilitation was a key part of the U.S. prison policy.  Prisoners were encouraged to develop occupational skills and to resolve psychological problems-such as abuse or aggression that might interfere with their reintegration into society.  Since then, however, rehabilitation has taken a back seat to a "get tough on crime" , more crime occurs inside prison than in society.  Punishment as prison main function approach has created explosive growth in the prison population, having a very low effect on crime rate. Rehabilitation is suppose to offer an individual a chance that ones they are released they can function normally in society, but if they are sentence to life there is no promise of that second chance.

There are many sick individuals in prison serving life sentences, the prison systems do not offer the proper medical attention required for these individuals.

It is really sad that most prisoners will die behind bars due to harsh sentences.  I believe that everyone deserves a second.  I feel that if an individual has proven oneself and have followed all rules and guidelines as ordered they should be given a second chance.  They are human beings with families that love them.  They are not the only ones serving a life sentence but their loved ones are too.  When is punishment to harsh? Is life in prison really necessary?  Help to give individuals a second chance at life? Offered them mercy, favor, and grace, which we have all fallen short of deserving at some time or another in our life......

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