We would like to see Sobeys remove their signage that states "certified humane".

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The meat, egg and dairy industries abuse, rape, and murder billions of animals every year. Animals are beaten, tortured, forced to live in cages and in conditions that are beyond anything that would resemble "humane". After a short and miserable life, being separated from their children,  cows pigs and are lowered into gas chambers to suffocate or they receive a captive bolt to the head. They are then hung to have their throats slit. Hens after 18 months, when they are no longer able to lay, are gas to death. Dairy cows are forcefully impregnated,  their calves taken from them after only a few days and the milk they produce for those babies is collected and sold to humans. And the cycle goes on and on in more and more brutal ways. There is NO  humane meat. Please, we are asking Sobeys to remove this sign as we feel it is misleading and confuses the consumer.