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Stop selling food with fake preservatives in schools, airports, daycares, nursing homes and hospitals

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Could your morning bagel cause panic attacks, anxiety or heart palpitations?

BLEACHED FLOUR AND ANXIETY: (Read more here) A registered dietitian shared that some of her patients suffer from heart palpitations after eating bleached flour. This is because the patient will have an allergic reaction and the histamine levels can cause these symptoms.

However, she says this condition is rare. WOMENFIX believes this condition may not be rare and can show up in the form of food-induced anxiety, racing heart, or panic attacks. The solution might be as simple as taking a BENADRYL® to curb the allergic reaction. We found a doctor who developed research and believes there needs to be a call to action to determine if most people diagnosed with anxiety or panic are actually having allergic reactions to foods.  Take this 5 question survey to help WOMENFIX uncover these issues starting with bread.





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