Give wildlife a chance. After bushfires & 50 yrs of woodchipping, it's time for change!

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The catastrophic bushfires of last summer, in which 80% of south coast forest available for logging, make it more urgent than ever to end native forest logging and give our wildlife a chance. Native forest woodchipping has lost whatever social licence it once had and it's time for a full transition to plantations. The Eden woodchipper has destroyed forests of the region for 50 years*. At this time of climate emergency, these forests have a higher purpose than woodchips and other low value products. After 50 years, our precious wildlife and forests have suffered enough. We need native forests as homes for wild creatures, as carbon stores and protectors of climate, soil and water. Almost 70% of people in all Australian States oppose native forest logging.  

*On 28th November 1969 the chipper at the Eden woodchip mill was commissioned.