Petition against booking fees for Kambri

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A draft booking policy for Kambri was recently leaked, revealing plans for the ANU to charge students hundreds or even thousands of dollars to hold events in the Kambri Precinct, including supposedly public spaces like the lawns.

More information can be found here:

Kambri was an establishment built on student fees and should primarily serve in the best interests of actual students at the ANU - by signing this petition, we demonstrate our agreement of the statements below, and call on ANUSA and the ANU to act in accordance: 

Students and student clubs should not be paying to use their own university campus.

Students have a right to meet, organise, fundraise, rally, speak, and socialise at ANU, free of charge.

Students should oppose any fees for students and clubs to hold events in Kambri and on campus.

ANUSA should take swift and comprehensive action to consult the student community further, now the information has become public. ANUSA should be taking the lead in hosting public forums, sending out surveys, and otherwise acting in their role as representatives of the student community on this very serious issue.

ANUSA should hear our wishes, and then be bound and committed to representing them in any future negotiations.