#FlattenTheCurve: Order Stricter Implementation of “Work From Home” in Companies

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If we don’t start working from home, we might end up resting in a quarantine center. Sign this petition now if you want to work from home but your company is not allowing it.

Hi, I am Shilpashree, Bangalore based changemaker, volunteering for CovidIndia.org. The covidindia.org effort is entirely Volunteer led initiative. It was started by a bunch of Stanford University alumns and then many volunteers across India & APAC, working in various roles at many different Indian companies, joined hands. The effort is currently at 80+ volunteers.

As I am writing this petition, 126 people have been affected by the virus in India, including a union minister. Reports suggest that the number of people affected by the virus will rise in the coming days.

World Health Organisation (WHO) has already declared Covid-19 a pandemic. What this means is that it can’t be eliminated. But we can surely help in reducing its impact.

In the last few days I have seen companies living in denial about the potential risk Covid-19 could pose. This is not a drill! This is happening to us! It is about time that companies rise up to this emergency and act for the health and well being of their employees and companies.

So far our government has been proactive in taking decisions but one thing that still needs to be done is stricter implementation of “Work From Home” by companies.

Sign my petition so that the government orders all private and public companies to allow “Work From Home” option to employees. The quicker companies adopt work-from-home practices, the better it would be for India’s war against Covid-19.

It is frustrating to see our Health Ministry trying hard to explain the benefits of Social Distancing while companies are still packing workers in offices. A strict order by the Corporate Affairs ministry in this regard will surely safeguard the interests of millions of hardworking Indians.