Save Delhi!! Fight Against Air Pollution!!

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Save Delhi!! Save life!!! Fight Against Air Pollution!

Hello everyone. I have a daughter who is only about 2 years but cant play outside because of the pollution in the air and my parents cannot even go outside house without the fear of getting some kind of breathing diseases.

The air pollution level is a dynamic problem which maybe low for a certain period of time however it may rise anytime without giving any warning to anyone. There is no guarantee that it will below 100 AQI all the time. One moment it may be 50 but next moment it can be easily 700 or 900. As per WHO reports, the average Air Pollution in Delhi is around 293 AQI which is really harmful for the people of Delhi. The national standard for the purpose of AQI is 100  while the AQI in Delhi stays around 293 an average for whole year which is 300% above the National Standard level.

A healthy person may be able to fight the pollution but the young children, unborn children, elderly people and people who are suffering from diseases can't fight Air Pollution pursuant to which there are more than 30 Deaths in Delhi.  As per UNICEF reports infants and unborn children are having undeveloped brain or damaged brain. Further, as per other reports, children and elderly people are also having damaged lungs. Therefore, it is a need for us to step in the shoes and fight against Air Pollution.

As per the MCCD, about 15,000 in Delhi die due to Respiratory Diseases. This is a simple direct disease by virtue of Air Pollution attacks. Further, It is relevant to mention that there are other symptoms/diseases also by virtue of Air Pollution attacks i.e., Lung Cancer, Heart Attack etc. Therefore, for the purpose of safety of people in Delhi there is a need to protect the people of Delhi. 

The Government is not in view of taking proper steps so as to combat pollution. They simply know how to play blame game but not how to make sure that there is proper welfare of the people.

The Air Pollution in Delhi is due to Road Dust, Vehicular Pollution, Industries, Coal usage. It is a need to counter these things. Unless and until these things are not countered, the Air Pollution in Delhi will attack people of Delhi again and again.

In Pursuance of fight against Air Pollution and non taking of effective steps to combat Air Pollution, in Delhi High Court a Petition is filed namely Mihir Garg & Rashi Jain vs Govt of NCT and others for the purpose of combating Air Pollution. Some of steps which are mentioned for the purpose of combating Air Pollution are mentioned as below:-
1) Stopping of Badarpur Thermal Power Plant 
2) Banning on Cutting of Trees 
3) Mechanised cleaning of Roads and Pavements 
4) Banning use of Coal Tandoors and other equipments using Coal
5) Using of Water Canons
6) Proper Guidelines for construction by Private Builders in Delhi 
7) No burning of garbages/wastes
8) ODD/EVEN without any exemptions
9) Stone Crushing in enclosed Area 
10) Sprinkling of water on Road Side 
11) Diesel Generator sets to be replaced by Gas Generator Sets 
and so on

So for the purpose of having Good Air Quality to children and aged parents, I support the petition filed by Mihir Garg & Rashi Jain and I am ready to fight for the cause. 
Are you in for the same ?

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