ANTONY J. BLINKEN, SECRETARY OF STATE No to corrupt Judges with Communist roots

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The Secretary of State The Honorable Anthony J. Blinken,

We were horrified to see Your latest designation of Mr. Dvorani as an anticorruption champion. Nothing is more distant from the truth than such designation.
Even though it is Your Statement, we realize, it is the misleading information that You might have received form Albanian staff of the American Embassy in Tirana, Albania, which is mainly composed of the dreadful former communist secret force members, and the communist elite. They play with the USA, and unfortunately State Department has not been up to the task to comprehend their sneaky games.
Mr. Dvorani is not and cannot be the Anticorruption Champion. A former communist Judge that sentenced people to long prison terms based only on political reasons, and a corrupt Judge in the Post Communist period of Democracy, whose wealth cannot be justified by his salary of more than one hundred million Albanian currency (Lek). Please see attached the Report of the Albanian Agency that evaluates the wealth of the public officials.

Furthermore, not only has he never been an anticorruption Champion, but he is the main reason that Judicial Reform, which was passed by 100% of Albanian Parliamentarian vote, was derailed, causing the full destruction of the Judiciary System. Albania does not have a functioning Supreme Court and for four years did not have a Constitutional Court, courtesy of Mr. Dvorani.

The Venice Commission has issued a stern accusation against Mr. Dvorani, please find it attached, and you are going to see how unreal and how misleading is the information which the USA Embassy in Tirana sends to the State Department.
The Albanian people is normal one, like the rest of the world. It has honorably conducted itself through the Centuries. Albanian People protected 100% of the Jewish population during German occupation, and the number of Jewish people, immediately after the war, was higher in Albania then before the war, while the Italian, Greek and Yugoslavian Jewish people were persecuted in their countries but found safe sanctuary in Albania.

Albanian people have shown to be the most pro-American in Europe, displaying the utmost appreciation to the USA Presidents Wilson, Clinton, Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. for what they did during the last 100 years for the Albanian Nation.
We do not deserve to be treated like a herd of sheep and be so scandalously ridiculed by the USA diplomats as they elevate our persecutors to the level of heroes.

We the undersigned respectfully submit this petition to you to reconsider this misguided choice and thank you for your consideration.

Venice Commission on appointment of Judges in Albania

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