Rally support for the under-served families living in Catskill's Hop-O-Nose Homes.

Rally support for the under-served families living in Catskill's Hop-O-Nose Homes.

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Hudson/Catskill Housing Coalition started this petition to Representative Antonio Delgado and

The Hop-O-Nose Tenant Association requests support from concerned community members to show Catskill Housing Authority (CHA) Executive Director Nina Krupsky, HUD, and the Village of Catskill that we are watching. We believe that her actions are unfair and discriminatory and that we should not tolerate her targeting residents.

Hop-O-Nose used to be a thriving community and safe place to raise a family for low-income residents in Catskill. We believe repairs can be made and the budget can be balanced without targeting residents and their families.



Hop-O-Nose is a low-income housing development in Catskill with 80 units. Tenants and maintenance workers logged complaints about Krupsky’s negligence with the CHA Board in 2018. In addition to not making repairs in a timely fashion, intimidating tenants, and over charging them for replaced items, Krupsky has made inflammatory racist remarks to multiple tenants and employees. She has demonstrated that she should not be in charge of a low-income housing authority that serves a majority of people of color.

The Hop-O-Nose Tenants’ Association formed in the summer of 2018.

After the Daily Mail published these articles, Krupsky pulled the $500 she promised to allocate to the annual Hop-O-Nose community picnic.

After receiving tenant grievances, the entire CHA Board resigned this summer. For reasons unknown, four of the five members resumed their positions months later. The Catskill Village Board appointed the new Housing Commissioner, Sam Aldi, on October 24th.

Krupsky has been slow to address several maintenance concerns of tenants, ranging from routine repainting of apartments to cracks in the sidewalk to rats and black mold in apartments. She waited five months to hire a new maintenance worker to replace the one she fired. She has asserted that Aldi should not be speaking with tenants about their complaints. Her lawyer sent a letter to a former resident and advocate of the Tenant Association saying she was not allowed to speak in CHA Board meetings. Krupsky later denied that she had asked her lawyer to send the letter.

Since hired in 2016, tenant evictions have increased. Some tenants left of their own volition because they did not feel comfortable with her as a landlord.


Krupsky proposed changes to the lease. Celia Weaver, the Research Director at New York Community for Change found the following proposed edits incredibly problematic:

  • Removal of tenant's implied rights in multiple places
  • Removal of grievance policy from lease
  • Removal of flat rate change notification
  • No notice of rights to be present during inspection
  • No notice of rights to deny access of Executive Director into apartment
  • Authority given to the executive director to evict tenants IMMEDIATELY when they should be given 30 days and legal system due process
  • Entire section on "Termination of Lease upon Death or Incapacity of Resident" sections




Krupsky’s father is Ed Spychalsi, former director of the Saratoga Springs Housing Authority. Spychalski was audited and investigated for nepotism, unscrutinized spending, salary hikes, and warning tenants not to report a bed bug outbreak. He resigned in late 2014 without explanation. Spychalski is barred from working at HUD housing authorities, yet routinely gives Krupsky feedback and advice. He was present at the fire this fall that affected two tenant apartments. Several tenants and witnesses saw him giving Krupsky advice and speaking with the firefighters.

“Spychalski, former board Chairman Dennis Brunelle and others racked up nearly $12,000 in questionable expenses over 20 months for business trips to Las Vegas, Phoenix and other places. Auditors who looked over 75 SSHA vendor payments between July 2010 and February 2012, found $449,333 in claims that were paid without board scrutiny, and 13 payments for $178,612 that were insufficiently itemized.”

-Dennis Yusko, Times Union, May 16, 2013

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