ASL in Public Services & Engagements

ASL in Public Services & Engagements

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Started by Alternative 268

In Antigua and Barbuda, there are persons with disabilities that impact their hearing and their ability to verbally communicate with others. As a result, they rely on the use of ASL (Antiguan Sign Language) to communicate with others and live their day to day lives. However, many local public services are not accessible to them because of this disability. There is also inconsistent televised coverage of national public events, addresses and ceremonies.

Presently, there is no policy that mandates for persons who have the disabilities that require them to rely on ASL (Antiguan Sign Language) to access public services, attend or participate in public events or have televised representation. They are thereby excluded from being aware of and/or accessing important information from:

• Government Ministries and Departments

• Community Clinics and public hospitals

• National Ceremonies and Engagements

-Independence and Heroes Day Celebrations 

- The Budget and Throne Speeches

- Funerals of the State Officials & Prime Ministers

- Parliamentary sessions and debates

- Cabinet press briefings

among other areas that can significantly reduce their quality of life.

Alternative 268 believes that this reality can be improved by increasing the cadre of public officers with ASL training. The status quo is  unequal, exclusionary, discriminatory, and reduces the accessibility and participation of those with related disabilities, infringing upon their human rights.

31 have signed. Let’s get to 50!