Force Yuna Obata for graduate

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Yuna Obata was the center of the SKE48 22nd single Igai ni Mango, and this is the first time SKE48 Staff to not chose Jurina Matsui as the center.

 There is nothing wrong, I know you might be bored of Jurina, but why it must be Yuna to be the center? She's just selected for the single senbatsu but she also chosen as the center. Are they (SKE48 Staff) did not see the other member's effort? Many of them are deserves for the position of center but they (SKE48 Staff) chose Yuna as the center. SHE'S BECOME CENTER AT HER FIRST TIME SELECTED ON SENBATSU, It isn't fair. Sign this petition and let's make SKE48 Staff to CHANGE their mind.

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