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Break the Silence: Speak Out

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Every 40 seconds in this world a person commits suicide and on average, Seven Filipinos die because of it every day. This rate is rather alarming and makes one wonder how cruel this world could be for some people to live in. There could be 13 reasons to feel hopeless, miserable, pathetic, and suicidal but there are more reasons to feel happiness, satisfaction, and joy.

Due to alarming numbers of teenage suicide, the team wants to orient, listen and be friend with the victims. By these, we can lessen the probability of an individual to commit suicide. The team will give free orientation (i.e. seminars and workshops) that will help them divert their attention. Instead of thinking to kill their self, their respective skills will be enhanced. A suicidal thought wants to be heard, thus a listener is needed. That’s why the team would love to hear those thoughts. The victims will then be counseled to help he/she deal with his/her problem. “No man is an island.” The victim needs to feel that she/he is not alone in overcoming the problems. The team ensures to support the victim in different aspects (i.e. boosting low self-esteem and justify decision-making, etc.) of his/her life.

The aim of this advocacy is to spread an awareness on how suicide may affect other people and to prevent suicide by reaching out, listening, and giving hope. Suicide may not only take the life of the person that committed it but may also take whose around him/her. It will affect them by putting the blame to themselves. To reach out the persons that are thinking and talking about suicide. To listen on how they feel and to the problems they can’t handle. To give hope that suicide is not the only solution to all problems they’re facing.

Our little deeds could make a big difference in other people. By listening to the silent screams of the people, asking for help and we could be the heroes that can save them from the misery they’re feeling. Be a part of the Anti-Suicide Squad. Be the heroes. Be the hope

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