Petition update

Great news-more than 1,400 citizens have signed the Anti-Norquist Petition!

Steven Strauss
Cambridge, MA

Jun 14, 2012 —  THANK YOU! - For signing the Anti-Norquist Petition, and your promise NOT to vote for any candidate who's taken the dysfunctional, gridlock-inducing Norquist pledge. Please share our Anti-Norquist Petition with other voters - By E-mail, Facebook, Twitter or word of mouth. A message to your friends, even as brief as the following, would be a great help:

Let's prevent gridlock in Washington! Please join over 1,400 citizens in signing the Anti-Norquist Petition at

Remember:Each time someone signs our Petition, Congressional leaders supporting the Norquist pledge (e.g., Reps. Boehner (OH), Cantor (VA), etc)- are notified that another voter is AGAINST the Norquist pledge.

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