Ammend the petition to sack Andrew O'Keefe to include Monique Wright.

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On the morning of Sunday June 11, trailblazing  documentary film-maker Cassie Jaye was visciously ambushed by the producers of Weekend Sunrise rather than being genuinely interviewed about her documentary, The Red Pill.

There has since been an entirely justifiable backlash against this, with Sunrise pulling the video after receiving tens of thousands of angry messages condemning the segment and in turn the program.

In a further attempt at damage control, Sunrise has aggressively had the video removed from The Red Pill's Facebook page.

At the same time, there has been a petition calling for the sacking of Andrew O'Keefe, while mainstream media publications such as the Australian have lambasted him for the hypocrisy of his conduct.

My concern is that there is one person who has been forgotten about in all of this - his co-host, Monique Wright.

While Mr O'Keefe may have led the charge in this disgusting display, Ms Wright was no innocent bystander. At best, Ms Wright can visibly be seen glowering at ms Ms Jaye for the vast majority of the interview and did nothing to disagree with or condemn her co-host for his disgusting behaviour on air, in fact on at least one occasion, she softly nodded in agreement with his behaviour - only ending when she can be seen catching herself and moving her head to the side, almost to stop herself from visibly doing it.It is entirely reasonable to assert that Ms Wright's behaviour can be clearly seen as enabling the behaviour of Mr O'Keefe.

When Ms Wright did speak, it was to:

  • reassert the lie that they were unable to view the film;
  • actively shift the focus away from the issues men and boys face to attempting to treat some of Paul Elam's most provocative pieces of satire as genuine arguments, and;
  • shut down Cassie's attempts to share what about modern mainstream feminism alienated her from a movement she so strongly identified with by trotting out the tired old, whitewashing dictionary definition of "feminism is about equality', all while actively demonstrating the very behaviour which has seen Cassie Jaye abandon her identifying as Feminist.

Let's be clear here- far from being an innocent bystander in all of this, Ms Wright is at best, a willing accomplice to Mr O'Keefe, if not an outright co-perpetrator with him.

In cases of murder, rape and other violent crimes, we do not simply punish the perpetrator whilst giving the accomplice and automatic get out of jail free card simply because they are the accomplice. Sadly that is entirely what is happening here and it is textbook evidence of the way society excuses female bad behaviour and even violence. A women can rape or batter a partner and we're so ready to excuse her actions as automatically being self-defence that she doesn't have to even try and play the victim card herself. A woman can beat and murder her own children and the mental illness defence will be trotted out so predictably that it might as well be a trope. Conversely when a male is guilty of these same crimes, it is responded to with a consistently gendered, moral outrage and panic.

Though not as egregious in its nature, here two we see an exclusive focus Andrew O'Keefe the male perpetrator in this disgusting gender Marxist debacle, while his at best, female accomplice, barely even gets a mention and is all but forgotten about.

Sadly there is a name for this phenomenon, the "Women are Wonderful" effect, which is itself a bi-product of gynocentrism: the modern day cause of male disposability and therefore the very thing the Men's Human Rights Movement should be fighting against.

Yet here we see the exact opposite.

If Andrew O'Keefe - a man - is the only person to held to account for his disgusting behaviour here and Monique Wright - a woman - is given a free pass over it, what message does that send when there is every reason to believe that the "Women Are Wonderful" effect is what is driving the double standard?

In doing so, isn't society merely sending a message that while it is rightly appalling for a man to behave like that, it is acceptable for a woman to behave in that manner, simply because she's female?

In doing so, isn't society sending a message that male disposability is acceptable "because vagina"?

In doing so, isn't society sending a message that female perpetrated abusive behaviour against men or women, is acceptable "because vagina"?

Even more to the point, in doing so, simply because Monique Wright has a vagina, isn't society essentially reducing violent women to nothing more than sweet, innocent little vaginas on legs and in doing so, perpetuating a misogynistically hypocritical stance?

Certainly Andrew O'Keefe deserves to be made accountable for his disgusting behaviour, but society is going to give Monique Wright a free pass - entirely because she has a vagina I might add - then isn't that the very definition of a "pussy pass"?

Furthermore, for those who find that term so disgusting, why is it that society finds the term so disgustingly crude, yet finds the equally disgustingly crude act the term accurately describes, so completely acceptable?

As such, in a stance against male disposability, misogyny and in favour of the dignity and humanity of vulnerable men and boys - the ones who could only dream of living the lifestyle of the types of men which feminists focus on - I hereby call on Anti-Feminism to expand its petition to call for the sacking of not only Andrew O'Keefe, but Monique Wright.