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Lucas Kulik
4 years ago
Fuck bronies

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Domen Gašperin
4 years ago
Because MLP is too fucking poor and cringy to ever be used by proud white nationalists. Also, fuck Trump! He is a Jewish puppet.

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Dylan Klebold
4 years ago
fuckin bronies

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Anon Anonson
5 years ago
Im signing for the meme

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Joseph Crawford
5 years ago
Heil celestia, purge the unjust

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Anthony Wilderson
5 years ago
I'm a memelord

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Joseph Crawford
5 years ago
I'm a brony.

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Jackson Euart
5 years ago

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Ivana Suckonyourtits
5 years ago
SMOKEY: I know

you don't smoke weed.

I know this,

but I'm gonna get you high today

'cause it's Friday,

you ain't got no job,

and you ain't got shit to do.

SONG: # Yeah

# Ooh

# Tryin' to see

another day

# Well

# Tryin' to find

a better way

# Got my mind

# On my money

# And my money

# On my mind

# Ain't got time

# To be lonely

# 'Cause my woman

takes all of my time

# And I know

# You can't wait

until tomorrow

# I wanna see

what tomorrow brings

# Whoo

# Tryin' to see

another day

# Well

# Tryin' to find

a better way

# Tryin' to see

another day... #


# Tryin' to find

a better way

# Ain't got time

for my homie

# He's somewhere high... #

Mmm... hrrm...

Give me

the 2-piece special,

lots of hot sauce,

and all the fries

you can give me.


Thank you. Thank you.

# Until tomorrow

# I wanna see

what tomorrow brings

# Whoo

# See a better day

# Tryin' to find,

find a better way

# I know

# Tryin' to see

another day

# Tryin' to find

a better way... #

CRAIG: For most people,

Friday is just the day

before the weekend.

But after this Friday,

the neighbourhood

will never be the same.

(Bangs on door)

(Hits toe)

Oh, shit.

What's up?

Good morning.

Are you prepared

for Jehovah's return?

Because if you're not,

I have a pamphlet here that...

Well, fuck you.

Half-dead motherfucker.

Come on, sister.

Come on, sister.




I gotcha.

Gotcha baby.

That's right.



Ain't nothin'

in this house. Shit.

Every time I come

in the kitchen,

you in the kitchen...

In the goddamn


eating up all the food...

All the chicken,

all the pig feet,

all the collard green,

all the hog maws.

I wanna eat some of them

chit'lins. I love pig feet.

Now, when I went to bed

last night,

didn't I tell you

to take out the trash?


So why didn't you do it?

I fell asleep.

I wish you was sleeping

right now.

I'd knock you upside

your head with a left,

make your ass wake up

and take out the trash!

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

What are you doing?

I'm throwing this away.

We ain't even got no milk.

You put some water

on that damn shit.


I'll eat it.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

Take the garbage

out front, son!


What is wrong with him?

FATHER: Hurry up

with the garbage!

I got some more work

for you!

What's up, Craig?

Don't "what's up" me.

I need to whoop

your little ass

for knocking over these

trash cans last week.

Don't knock these over.

Ain't nobody gonna knock over

your stupid trash cans.

You better not.

Get your bad ass

to school anyway.

Man, shut up, punk!


I'm gonna knock over

your trash cans anyway.

Better run...

Little bastard.

Hey, Mama.

Hi, baby.

How you doing?


What you cooking?

I'm making some eggs,

bacon, sausage,

pancakes, and some

leftover pork chops.

Yeah! Cook it up.

Mom, you got some glue?

For what?

My track slipped out.

Go look in my dresser.

You need a wig.

You need a job.


Mama, you didn't tell Daddy

what happened yesterday,

did you?

You know I wouldn't

tell on my baby.


FATHER: Craig!


FATHER: Come in here!

CRAIG: Where you at?

In the bathroom!


Oh, man. I'll wait

till you come out.

Boy, bring your ass in here.

What you talking about

you'll wait?

I smelled your shit

for 22 years.

Now you can't smell mine

for 5 minutes?

Shut the door.

(Father grunts)


Your mama told me

what happened to you yesterday.


That was stupid.

How the hell you get fired

on your day off?

I don't know.



Well, you need a trade.

Take a look at that paper

over there.

(Grunts) On the counter there.



I ain't trying to be

no dog catcher.

Why not?

I don't even like dogs.

That's the beauty of it!

I grab a dog, and I choke him,

and I kick the shit

out of him,

and all day long,

my foot up a dog's ass!

Just bang, bang, bang

up his ass!

That's my pleasure!

I don't think so.

I tell you one thing.

Around here,

you gonna work or go to school.

The first of the month,

the rent is due.

If you ain't got

nothin' on the table,

you ain't got to worry

about catchin' a dog.

You gotta worry about a dog

catching your ass!


MOM: Craig, telephone!

Oh, damn. (Grunts)


Who the fuck you go to the show

with last night?

I didn't go to the show

last night.

You ain't got to lie, Craig.

Ain't nobody lyin'.

I didn't go to the show

last night.

Yes, you did.

My sister-in-law's

baby cousin Traci

she told me she saw you there

all hugged up with some tramp.

Now tell me who she was.

Your sister-in-law's

baby cousin Traci

is a goddamn...

Yeah, she a liar.

She ain't seen me

hugged up with nobody.

Mm-hmm. Yeah, yeah.

Let me tell you what.

You just tell the bitch,

whoever she is,

when I catch her,

I'm gonna beat her ass!

That girl gone.

I don't know

why you messing

with that little

fast-assed girl anyway.

Now, that other girl -


She's cute!

She's in school.

She has all her teeth.

I don't know

what her sister's doing.

I'm trying to get with her,

but Dana won't

even hook me up.

I told you

to hook yourself up.

You need to hook up

with them clippers

and get the back of that neck.

Aw, don't even talk

with all the horses

missing their hair

around here.

Hey! It's too early!

It's too early!

Now, Craig,

you know

what your problem is?

You have no game.

What you know about game?

I got all the game.

Now, your father, he got game.


Don't nobody go in the bathroom

for about 35, 45 minutes.

Somebody open the window.

You call that game?


Oh! My ride.

'Bye, Mama.

Bye-bye, honey.

I got to go too.

Bye, Daddy.

Bye-bye, baby.

Bye-bye, baby.


Craig, you listen to me.

I want you to get

your ass up today,

go out and look for a job.

The word for today is "job".


You hear me?


Go look for a job today.

I'm not kidding.

Better open all the windows.

Damn, it stinks in here.

Where mine at?

Oh, I didn't say I was

cooking nothin' for you.

Have some cereal.

We ain't got no milk.

Use water. it won't hurt.

Aw, man.





Break yourself, fool!

Look what you did

to my curtain.

You better watch

who window you climb

before you get blasted on.

With what?

You ain't got nothin', man.

With this.

Man, where you get that from?

Your mama.

Fuck you.

Fuck you.

Come on outside, man,

and stop playing.

Gotta get dressed.

Hurry up.

Don't tell me to hurry up.


What's up, Big Worm?

How much you got left?

Man, I got a lot.

You still ain't sold

that weed, Smokey?

Man, I'm trying to, Worm.

Niggers are broke these days.

I don't think you're applying

yourself, Smokey.


You smoking my shit?

Hell no!

Fuck with your shit?

You smoking my shit?

Now, why would I do

some shit like that?

I don't wanna have to

fuck you up, Smokey.

Playing with my money

is like playing

with my emotions.


You the last brother money

I'd mess with.

I'll steal from my mama

before I mess with your shit.

Now, you know this, man!

We'll see.

Florida Evans-lookin'


What's up, man?

What's up?

How come you ain't at work?

Got fired yesterday.

For real?

I thought you had

the day off yesterday.

I did.

I went in there

to pick up my check,

came home,

supervisor call me about 4:00

talking about they got me

on videotape stealing boxes.

What the fuck you doing

stealing boxes for?

What, you trying

to build a clubhouse?

I know you ain't go out

like that.

Hell, no. Ain't got me on tape.

She said they did,

fired me on the spot.

Talking about pressing charges.


You got to be

a stupid motherfucker

to get fired on your day off.

Pops talking about

kicking you out again?


Ooh! Goddamn!

Man, look!


Hi, you guys.



Ooh, man, man, man.

Her mama got ass too.

Just give me 31/2 minutes,

maybe even 4.

She'll be wanting

to marry a nigger.

Who? Her mama?

Yeah. Older the berry,

the sweeter the juice.

Man, it's the blacker the berry,

the sweeter the juice.

Yeah, well, yeah.

She blacker than

a motherfucker too.

I ain't fucking with you.

Watch out.

She wanted to give me

the ass one time.

I had to go to work and shit.

Wonder where she going.

She probably going

to that new health club

down on 108th.

So they opened that


Yup. I heard they hiring too.

You need to go there

see what's up

with your out-of-work ass.

Hold up. My mom's in there.


She about to go to work, though.

Hey, I know

you don't smoke weed.

I know this.

But I'm gonna get you high today

'cause it's Friday,

you ain't got no job,

and you ain't got shit to do.

Anyway, what you

doing up so early?

Oh, man.

I tried to catch you

before you went to work

let you know what happened

to red ass.

What's up?

You know that nigger Deebo

done had his bike

for, like, 3 weeks, right?


Man. So Deebo...

I won. Gimme my money.

You what?

I lost.

Roll the dice.


Hold my money.

Watch him.

Can I talk to you for a second?

SMOKEY: Ohh, shit.

Pop's tripping, man.

He want me to ask

for my bike back.

You know I wouldn't trip.

What bike?

Beach cruiser...

the one I let you use,

the one I been asking you about.

Oh, that bike.

I didn't know

you wanted it back, homie.

It's right here.

Follow me, homes.

Yeah, it's just like

it's both of ours.

We just keep it

down at my house.

Aw, shit!


(Kids cackle)

That's my bike, punk!

You got knocked the fuck out!

You want some of this,

too, old man? Huh?


Get off your ass

and get in this car.

Boy, I don't know

why you come here

messing with these people.

Hurry up!

Man, they both got in the car

and boned out!

You lying.

I swear to god. We was rollin'.


Craig, tell that little girl

to stop playing on my phone.

What little girl?

Joi. She keeps calling

and hanging up,

and I know it's her

'cause I star-69ed her,

and she hung up again.

I don't like her

disrespecting my house.

You tell her I said

to stop it, all right?

Hi, Mrs. Jones.

Hi, Smokey.

What time your mama leavin'?

In a little while. Why?

'Cause I wanna smoke this joint.

Let's go to my house

real quick.

Can't do shit over here.

Damn. Lil Chris got you too?

Hell, yeah.

Got me too,

little bitch ass nigger.

If I catch him,

I'll beat him

like I was his dad.

Excuse me.

Could y'all stay off

my grass, please?

Thank you.

Stanley be actin' like

an old bitch sometimes.

I know.

Nothing but dirt any damn way.

Remember this?

Hey, man!

Shut up.

(Door clacks)


(Banging on door)


(Keeps banging)


Damn, Smoke!

What you doin' knockin'

like you the damn police?

I'm in here on the phone!

I left my key.

Always talkin' shit.

just open the goddamn door.


Stop slamming my goddamn door.

Sorry, Joann.

SMOKEY: Let's go in here.

I know you don't

wanna hear that shit.

Ha ha ha! Yes, I did!

Get your ass up and cook

or clean up or something!

Talkin' shit.


All you do is smoke weed.

That's all right.

Don't worry

about what the fuck

I be doin'.

What I'm tripping on

is how you gonna sell bud,

and you smoking it.

I don't know.

That's my only problem.

Worm gonna end up

fucking you up.

Big Worm ain't gonna do

a goddamn thing, man!



He need me.

Red told me he smoked a fool

for 50 bucks.

I don't give a fuck.

Smokey, I need you

to go to the store

and get me some cigarettes.

Give me the money.

Wait a minute. What's this?

This ain't enough.

Make it enough.




# Keep their heads ringin'

# Ring ding dong

# Ring-a-ding,

ding ding dong

# Keep their heads ringin'

# Ring ding dong

# Ring-a-ding,

ding ding dong... #

Oh, yeah!




Smokey, Smokey, Smokey,

Smokey, Smokey, Smokey.

Let me wash your car for $ 2.00.

Hell, no.

All you gonna do

is smoke it up.

I don't smoke

no more, man.

Buy me a 40-ounce

for my birthday.

Today your birthday?

What's today?

Man, come on.

All right.

Shut up.



Oh, I'm shot.

CRAIG: Get your ass off me.

I need some papers

and some humps.

CRAIG: Hey, get these for me.

Ain't got no money.

Man, you owe me $ 2.00.

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God! I'm hurt!

Aah! Oh! Aah! I'm suing y'all!

Oh, I'm hurt! Oh, my neck!

My back!

My neck and my back! Oh!

I want $150,000,

but we can settle

out of court right now

for 20 bucks.

Get your punk ass up.

I ain't even wet over here.

Hey, just give me $10,

and I won't say nothin'.

Get out.

$ 2.50 and a jawbreaker?

A dollar and envelopes?

What you doing?

You can get money

for falling in a store.

You need to stay off

that crack, man.

Get out.

You wrong, brother.

You wrong. You wrong.

Brother, stay black.


Hell, no. Shut up.

Hey, thanks, Smoke.

Thanks, my ass.

You better come

by my house today

and wash my car.

I'll be there.

I'm serious.







Stop your shit. Stop the mother.




Watch my car.

Make sure nobody

mess with it.



Mrs Parker finer

than a motherfucker.


I'd knock the dust

off that pussy.


BOTH: Hi, Mrs Parker.

Hi, boys.

When you gonna let me

fuck, Mrs Parker?

What did you say, honey?

Huh? Nothing.

Mrs Parker just don't know.

Needs some young meat.

Mr Parker ain't

hittin' that right, man.

Ah, she know what she doin'

with them little-ass shorts on.

She know we be lookin'.


I'm on my way to work.

Make sure if you leave,

you lock up the house.

And answer the phone.

The cable people

are supposed to call.

Oh. Look at her.

She ought to be

ashamed of herself,

coming out

looking like that.

Hey, girl!

Hey, how you doing?


I'm on my way to work.

Call me when you get home.


Hey, go in the house

and get me something

to roll this up with.

Hey, and bring a radio too.








It's hot as hell out here.

You a hype.


You a hype.

Man, ain't nothin' wrong

with smokin' weed.

Weed is from the earth.

God put this here

for me and you.

Take advantage, man.

Take advantage.

SONG: # I'm in love

with Mary Jane

# She's my main thing

# She makes me feel all right

# She makes my heart sing

# And when I'm feeling low

# She comes as no surprise

# Turns me on with her love

# Takes me to paradise

# Do you love me, Mary Jane?

# Yeah

# Whoa whoa whoa

# Do you, do you, do you,

do you, do you

# Now, do you think you love me,

Mary Jane?

# Don't you play little games

# I love her just the same

# Mary Jane

# I love her, baby, baby,

just the same... #

Put that out, man.

Here come the pastor.

For what?

He probably smoke bud too.

How you doing, brother Craig?

How you doing?

I'm alright.

I see. By chance,

is Sister Jones in?

Nope. Neither is Brother Jones.

They both at work.

Where your ass

need to be, nigger.

Excuse me, brother.

What we call drugs

at 74th street Baptist church

we call a sinny-sin-sin.

Well, around here

between Normandie

and Western

we call this here

a little twenty-twen-twen.



Just give me a little

for my cataracts.

You didn't put in

on this, man.

It's better to give

than receive.

Look, look. She bendin' over.

Lord have mercy.

The Lord is my shepherd.

He know what I want.

Excuse me, brother.

Mrs Parker? Can I talk to you?

Told you.

The weed be lettin' you know...

evil lurks.

Look. Hector almost hit

his nasty ass.

What's up, Smokey?

Fuck you.

Ha ha ha ha!

Why you don't like hector?

Remember I was telling you

I was smoking weed

with that fool one day?

You decided to smoke

with the big boys,

eh, Smokey?

You ain't showin' me

nothin' new, Eze.

(Mocks Spanish)

Shut up and take a hit.

Smoke dog, baby.

Remember that shit.

Been smoking since I was 2.

Hey, hey, hey.

Take it easy, homes.

I know what I'm doing, man.

Shut the fuck up.

Yo, homestead, yo.

Take it easy, Eze.

What's this?

It's angel dust, homes.

SMOKEY: So I hit it

real hard, right?

As soon as he said that,

I started feeling

funny as hell.

The next thing I know,

I was running down the street

in my damn drawers.

Get off me, man!

Get off me, man! goddamn!

Goddamn motherfuckers!

Get off me.

Get off me.

Get off me.

SMOKEY: I'm in Deebo's coop

sweating like a slave.

The only person who could

get me out was my mom.

(Makes pigeon noises)

And, man,

I ain't been right

ever since then.

That's why I been, like,

"Fuck hector."

Yeah. Yeah, I remember that.




Got a little prayer...



Man, that's lil Chris.

Let's go get his ass.


Aah! Quit playing!

quit playing!

Quit playing!

quit playing!

Don't let me catch you, boy.

Stop man! Quit playing! Aah!

I'm gonna knock them over

next week, punk.

Man, y'all some busters.

y'all can't see me, punks.


Nigger, you slow.

You run like a girl.

Fuck you.



Oh, shit.

Here come Deebo.

Give me your stuff.

Oh, shit.

Known for jackin' a nigger.

That's all he do. Damn.

(Deebo drops bicycle)

What's up, Smoke?


What you got on my drink?


Don't lie.

Got nothing, man.

What you got, Craig?

I'm broke as a joke.

Y'all some high rollers,

and y'all broke.


What's up, Stanley?

Well, fuck you, then, punk.


I was telling Craig,

Stanley been acting funny lately.

Stanley left

his window open, man.

Come on, smoke. let's go in.

I'm on probation. I can't be...

Stop being a bitch and come on!


If somebody comes...


I ain't tryin' to get

involved with y'all.

You don't get involved,

I'll knock yo' ass out too.

Make a choice.

Man, hurry up.

You bitch.

CRAIG: For some reason,

I don't think Smokey

wanted to go in there,

but peer pressure's

a motherfucker.


SMOKEY: Come on, nigger.

CRAIG: Damn. Always caught

in the middle of something.

SMOKEY: Get your big ass

on in the window.

CRAIG: Hurry up. Shit.

(Deebo and Smokey arguing)

CRAIG: Hmm? Oh, shit.

CRAIG: It's on now.


CRAIG: Damn.

DEEBO: Hurry up!


CRAIG: Come on, man.

Bring your ass out.


SMOKEY: Get off my ass!

DEEBO: Hurry up.

SMOKEY: I ain't with

that funny shit.




Oh, man, come on! Goddamn!



I'll get ya!

Wait till I get

my hands on you!

I'm gonna beat yo' ass!

Baby. Baby, we was just prayin'.

I'm gonna get you!


Oh, you! Man, if I...

I'll kill him!

I'm gonna kill him!

Baby, we was just prayin'.

# Get on up! #

Fuck you!

Goddamn devil!

MRS PARKER: It wasn't

even that good, baby.

Shut up!

I'm gonna kill you.

Yeah, I know. Aah!


# Like a sex machine... #






Come on.

Get your feet down.

Come on, man. Move.

Man, what took y'all so long?


Look, fellas.

I asked you nicely.

Now I'm getting very irritated.

For the last time,

please stay off

my... frigging grass!


Alright, man. Sorry.

Thank you.


His scary ass didn't

want to touch nothin'.

We spent the whole time


So y'all didn't get nothin'?

Hell, yeah. We got about $ 200.

I got about $ 200.


One day, somebody

gonna kick his ass.

Man, I been gettin' high

all week.

Take a puff. Take a hit.

Man, watch out.

Craig, ain't like you got

shit to do tomorrow.

You don't have to

go to work.

Go on. Take a hit.

I drink.

Come... Craig,

it'll stimulate your mind.

You ain't got shit to do.


Put it in your mouth.

Shut up.

That's the shit, ain't it?

That's the shit.


That's the shit.

Wet the motherfucker all up.

It's my shit.

I can do whatever I wanna do.


Stop hitting it so hard.

Hold up.

You fuckin' up the rotation.

Puff, puff, give.

puff, puff, give.

You fuckin' up the rotation.

You can get killed

with somebody else.

That's some serious shit.

You lucky you my boy.

Oh, shit.

Take your time.

Gotta crawl before you walk.

You high yet?

Craig fucked up. Ha ha ha!

You said this was indo.

Smell like outdo.

Hey, wait a minute, man.

I ain't gonna be supplyin' you,

you gonna be talkin'

about my shit.

Aw, shit. Here come Felisha.

Aw, shit.

Old begging ass.

I know.


What's up, Craig?

What's up, Smokey?


What y'all smokin' on?

Nothing. What you want?

Oh. I need to borrow

your car right quick.

What kind of shit is that?

Most people wanna borrow

sugar or even ketchup.

You want to borrow my car?

Hell, no!

Get the hell on.

Let me borrow a joint.

You need to borrow a job

with your broke ass.

Always trying to smoke up

somebody's shit.

Get the hell on.

I'm gonna remember that.

Remember it. Write it down.

Take a picture.

I don't give a fuck!


'Bye, Felisha.

Damn. Y'all stingy.

She's a goddamn pest.

(Craig chuckles)

Ah, man.

The bud is kicking in.

Don't start trippin', Craig.


I ain't trippin'.




Hold up.


I can hear my heart beating.

Man, that's what

it's supposed to do.

Nah. My shit

is beating too fast.

Oh, man, it's the chronic.

Don't even worry about it.



You don't hear it?

Hell, no.

Man, I knew I shouldn't

have gave him no chronic.

You hear my phone ring?

Man, hell, no!

Man, sit down.

I'm on house arrest.

I ain't even supposed

to be over here.

Get a nigger locked up.

Man, come on!

Come in, man. I'm thirsty.

You be trippin'. Man, come on.

Shut up.

Sit yo' skinny ass down.

You want some Kool-Aid?

Man, you know

I want some Kool-Aid.


You smokin' my weed, too?

I'm gonna kill you

AND Smokey

'cause you playin'

with my emotions.

You heard? Ruff ruff ruff!


We ain't got no sugar.

You ain't got no sugar?


Y'all ain't never got

two things that match!

Y'all got Kool-Aid, no sugar,

peanut butter, no jelly,

ham, no burger. Damn.

You're a funny lookin'



Man, what up?

I don't do that gay shit now.

You want me to go get

the sugar from my house?



# Holler if you hear me

# Comin' with the bumps

and my hoop

# As I swoop-oop

# Here I am

# The mack as clear I am

# K.D., so, baby,

get with the program

# Damn, what's on the menu?

# It's about 10 to 5:00... #


Oh, shit.

Motherfuckin' cops, man.


They know I'm over here.

Oh, shit.

Is it cops?

Hey, what's up? Come on in.

Is Dana here?


Nah, she ain't came home

from school yet.

You ain't seen her?

Debbie. Debbie.


Come here.

Sit down.

Hi, Smokey.

What's up?

Out of my way.

I thought you had a friend

you would hook up with me.

I do.

How's she look?

She's nice.

She got a big booty?

I am not trying to look

at that girl's booty.

You know you done looked

at her booty before.

Just call her, alright?

She at home?

She should be.

Cheap-ass phone.


Why don't you come over here

and sit down... right here?

You way over there.


Eh, uh, this is Smokey,

Debbie's homeboy.

Hey, she said

you wanted to hook up.


What's up?

Are you high?


Are you high?

No. Why do you say that?

'Cause you look

like you been smoking.

For real?

Nah. I'm cool.



Do I still look high?

Nah. Describe yourself.

SEXY VOICE: I'm about 5'2".

Light skin.

Long hair.

I'm big.

People say I look

like Janet Jackson.

For real?

No shit?

Janet Jackson?

Oh, boy.

You know your sister

came by here today beggin'.

Oh, Felisha?


She is a trip. I know.

Why don't you come over here

to my homie's house?

GIRL: Alright.

You live on Debbie's street?

Yeah. You know Dana, right?

The other day,

I had to stop Deebo

from beatin' her ass.


Yes. When he gets high

and drunk,

he starts trippin'.

One time he grabbed me.


Yes. Grabbed me like this.

For real?

I mean, was it like this?

Or was it like this?



I... I think it was

the first one.

It was the first one?

You sure?



CRAIG: What the fuck?


CRAIG: Aw, man,

I'm trippin'.


DEBBIE: What's wrong?


CRAIG: Am I trippin'?

Hey, uh...

I got to go in here,

in the bathroom real quick.

# Control. #

All right, all right.

GIRL: 'Bye.

Alright. 'Bye.

Gotta get her on the move.


Ain't gettin' high no more.

Mmm. Shit.

So what's up?

Did you guys hook up?

it's cool.

Alright. Well,

I'm about to go home.

Hey, you know my homie

wanna hook up with you.



Craig already has a woman.

But he don't like her.


I'll see you later.

Why you tellin' her

I wanna hook up with her?

Man, she don't be believing me.

I'm high.



So what about you and

that chick in there?



She said she look

like Janet Jackson.

Man, you lucky.

And you know this, man.


Ahh, man.

Hey, Dad.


What happened to you?

Got bit in the ass today, son,

by a stinkin' ass filthy dog.

You should've seen it.

Biggest dog I've ever

seen in my life.

I said, "Doggy. Please

don't bite me, dog!"

And I turn around

to jump over the fence.

The dog grabbed my ass!

Told you.

I told you. I told you.

You didn't tell me shit!

Get on the front porch

with all that noise.

Was it like... grr!

Ha ha ha.

How your ass feel, Mr Jones?

Get out of my house!

Don't slam the door!

Alright, man.



You kids quit slammin'

my goddamn door!




Hey! Wait!


Oh, shit.



What you gonna do?


Hey, hey, hey, hey hey, hey!

(Kids stop shouting)


What you want?

What you got?

Boy, what the fuck you want?

Gimme some chili fritos.

Come here.

Come here!

Step aside.

What's up, Big Perm?

I mean Big Worm.

You sell that bud?

I sold some.

Give me the rest.

Somebody want a couple

20s around Compton.

Man, I was just bullshittin' ya.

You know I sold that shit.

Then count out my money.

Hurry up!

Don't you see we havin'

grown folks business?


Now shut the hell up.


40, 60, 80...


120, 140...

Hey, man, that's $100.

Stop playin' with me, Smokey.

You know what happened?

You gonna laugh your ass off.

You know Craig?

Craig got fired yesterday.

What the fuck

that gotta do with me?

Let me explain.

We was talkin' over

all our problems, right?

And you know how WE do it.

We started getting high.

Nigger, we got fucked up!

Look, nigger, I'm gonna

be here 10:00 on the dot.

Not 10:03. Not 10:36.

If you ain't got my money

or my bud,

I'm killin' you AND him.

You gonna kill me?

Get the fuck

out of my face, man.


Can I have my chili fritos?

You can't have shit.

I'm closed, fat boy.

Then give me my money back.

My money.


Man, I hate him.

What'd he say?


What'd he say?

Oh, he just said for us

to pay him at 10:00.

What you mean "us"?

Man, that fool

ain't gonna do nothin'.

Man, I know you didn't tell...


What you doin'?




What's up?

What'd you tell him?

I just told him

we were smokin', man,

and that we were just chillin'.

Man, you were smokin'!

I smoked half a little

piece a joint with you.

Man, that fool

ain't gonna do nothin'.

What'd he say?

What'd he say?

He said if we don't

pay him by 10:00,

he gonna bust a cap

in both our asses.

We need to pay him. He crazy!

Let's stick together.

I can't believe you got me

in the mix with this fool!

Aw, man, I didn't make

you smoke that joint.

Might as well.

"Come on, Craig, man.

"Stimulate your mind, man.

"It's Friday.

I'm gonna get you high."

Why you bringin' up old shit?

I could knock...

Hey, Craig,

I left my purse

in your house.

Can I go get it?

Yeah. Come on.



# Big booty hos

# Hump with it

# Hoochie mamas

# Hump with it... #


Where Craig at?


Oh, he in the house.




Hell, no.




Who is that, bitch?

Yeah, who was that bitch?

CRAIG: Who you talkin' to?

Nigger, I'm talkin' to you!

Now, who is she?

That's just Debbie

from down the street.

So? What the hell's

she doin' in there?

She was just...

just go in the house!

What you lookin' at?

Get yo' ass in the house!

Hurry up!

I'm going in to straighten

this girl out.

I'll be right back.

Alright, man.

I'm gonna go to my crib,

man. My stomach hurt.


Come back!






What the hell you want,

boy? Damn!

Mr Jones, can I use

your bathroom, please?

What you gonna do,

number 1 or number 2?

Number 2.


You ain't gonna drop

no stinkin' loads here.

If anybody drops

a stinkin' load,

it's gonna be me.

Mr... Mr Jones!

Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.





# La la la la la la

# La la la la... #




Smokey, what the hell

you doing back here?

Hey, nothin', man.

Hey, I'm fixing something.

Just stay over there.

I thought you wanted me

to wash the car.

Hey, man, wash it later.

Stay over there!

I ain't the smartest man

in the world,

but from here it looks

like you takin' a shit.

Ezel, get the hell off

my back lawn!

Ugh! It look like

you been eatin' corn?

Fool, get the hell

out of my back...

Get on, man!

Alright, but between

me and you, man,

when you're done,

I'll clean all that shit

up for you for $ 2.00.

Hey, Ezel!


You better not tell nobody, man!

I'm not, man.

Keep it on the down low.

All right. I'm not like that.

We'll keep it down, bro.

Ey! Smokey back here

takin' a shit!


Well, I ain't gonna

tell nobody else.

# La la la la

# La la la la la... #

See, you need to control

that little funky ass temper.

I know. I be forgettin', baby.

You got to be reminding me.

I'm sorry.

My mama know

that's you calling

and hanging up.


That ain't me calling

and hanging up, baby.

You know I love your mama.

Hey, you got some money?

What? Some, huh?

Nigger, how much you need?

About $ 200.

Well, I guess so.

What are you gonna to give me?

WOMAN: Craig!


Craig! Craig!

Can I talk to you

for a minute?

JOl: What?


Could I use y'all's

VCR right quick?

I want to dub a tape.

Hell, no!

It's the Mack!

Uh-uh, wait a minute!

Who the fuck is that bitch?

Fuck you, motherfucker!

You think you're slick,

asking me for money!

Well, ask that bitch

for some money!


What's wrong with your ho?


We had the money right there

in my motherfucking...

We ain't have shit.

So what we gonna do?

Man, that fool's

just playing, man.

I ain't sweatin' it.

That's your problem.

Ain't nobody playin' but you.

You walk up and down

the street all day playing.

He ain't playin'!

You think he playin'

about his money?

You done dragged me into this.

He know where my mama stay.

he know where your mama stay.

You say he had a gun

when you seen him, right?


Well, name one person

in the hood

that play like that?

I know, huh?

Look, man...

I'm sorry I got you

in this shit.

I'm going to tell him

you ain't had nothin'

to do with it.

I smoked up his weed.

I'm gonna face

the consequences.

If I get dealt with,

I get dealt with.

Craig, have you seen my sh...

What's that for?



Protection from who?

Me and Smokey.

I got to walk Smokey

down to his house.

Aw, man. your mother and I

never would have moved

into this neighborhood

if we had known

you'd need a gun

to walk down the damn street.

You know how it is around here.

Oh, no, son, that's

not the way it is.

Kids today are nothing

but punks, sissified,

so quick to pick up a gun.

You scared to take

an ass whippin'.

This is what makes you a man.

When I was growing up,

this was all the

protection we needed.

You win some, you lose some.

But you live...

You live to fight another day.

You think you're a man

with that gun in your hand,

don't you?

I'm a man without it.

Put the gun down.

(Puts gun down)

Put up your dukes.

Now you're a man.

Your uncle picked up a gun too.

He had to find out

the hard way.

22 years old.

You got a choice.

These are all you need.


What's up, man?

What's up, Red?

Ah ah ah! Get your ass up.

They was clownin'

you at work today.

I saw the tape.

We kept rewinding it.

It looked like your head,

but you can't tell from the


How your eye?

Oh, it's cool.

Damn! Damn!

Put your glasses back on.

What's up, Craig?

What's up, Red?

Hey, Smokey, sell me a dub!

Ain't selling you nada.

Come on, homes.

Let's let bygones be bygones.

Raise the fuck up before

Craig's father come out here.

You need to go and do that.

Hell, I ain't selling him shit.

You better get your ass

off your shoulders.

You ain't going

to get me shot up.

You better make that money.

Hurry up.

Hey, Eze.

(Mocks Spanish)

Man, this nigger

got us in some shit.

You know that shit

was fucked up, man.

It's alright.

You have nice legs, man.

Shit, here come Deebo!



I'm going to tuck mine in.


What's up, y'all?

What's up, Red?

Thanks for the bike.

What you got on my 40, homie?

I thought you had $ 200.

I do, but I want to

spend Red's money.

I'm broke.

Give it up, Red.

Come on, Deebo, stall him out.

What you got on my 40, homie?

I don't have nothin'.

Yeah, you got something.

Why you trippin', Deebo?

Shut up, or I knock

your ass out.

Why don't you give him

back his chain?

What chain?

Yeah, what chain?

Man, why y'all didn't help me?

Man, I'm high.

That's fucked up.

I would have helped y'all.

What about the time

he tried to choke me

in smoke's backyard?

Oh, that was different.

Man, let's jump him.

Sit your ass down.

Man, I got mind control

over Deebo.

He be, like, "shut the fuck up,"

I be quiet.

But when he leaves,

I be talkin' again.

Man, my grandmama

gave me that chain.

Man, he trippin' hard.


Only on people he know.

He don't be pullin'

that shit

on them fools

around the corner.

RED: Man, fuck that!


(Turns alarm off)

He going to cry in the car.


Here come Dana

and her punk ass boyfriend.

What you doin' with

that on your head?

Don't even ask.


don't get homeboy fucked up.

Debbie came by here

looking for you.

What did she say?

She just said

to tell you she came by.


Hey, Dana, when

we going to hook up?

Boy, please.

Alvita, Alvita!

That's ok! She'll be back.

Another Quaalude,

she'll love me

in the morning.

Ain't that right, Frank?

Get off me.

Aah! He's crazy! He's crazy!

Oh, shit.

Ah, he's going off.

Goddamn preacher!


Craig, Daddy wants you.


What Daddy want?

I don't know. Go see.

Tell me if anything happens.

Go see.

Hey, what's up with me and you?

I was in there

on the phone with Debbie.

What's up with Rita?

Rita who?

Rita that's going

to be here at 7:30.

Girl, that's my friend.


Dana! Dana!

Anything else happen?


Look at Ezel.


Damn! Damn!

Is Dana in there?

Yeah. Just go on and knock.

What's your name?

Shana. Excuse me.


Don't come over here

with that attitude, girl.

What's up, girl?

Nothing. Did you remember

to pick up the hair?

Yeah. Daddy wants you again.


What he want?

Go see.

Outrun the dog.

Run. Go for the tree,

Mr Postman.



Get me a glass of water.

It's your ass, Mr Postman.

I look like the Kunta Kinte

around this mother...

Go, go, go, go, go!

Took long enough.

I know.

Alright, man.

I'm going to run over

and get you the gun, right?

Then I'm going home to chill.

You wait for them niggers.

Later on, call me

and let me know what happened.

You're making me nervous, ok?

I'm trippin' out,

scared as shit.



Alright. Damn!

# Little child, running wild

# Watch awhile

# You'll see

he never smiles... #

What car is that?

I don't know.

I don't know who car that is.

Hey, what time is it?


Oh, nigger, that's Janet Jackson.


Janet Jackson -

the girl Debbie

hooked me up with.

Hey, hold up.

I'll be right back.

Smoke, hey,

see if she got a friend.


Ooh, what's up?

Not a damn thing.


So we going

to kick it, or what?

We can kick it,

but I forgot I had to go

pick up my mom from work,

and you know how that is.

I'll take you to get her.

She don't like a lot of people

with me when I go get her.

Who's that girl

Smokey's talking to?

Some girl he hooked up with.

She's a big one.


Why don't you go get

something to eat?

Lord, let me go inside

and see what's going on

with this crazy man.

I'm right behind you.

Uh-uh, 'cause, see,

I ate twice before I came.

God damn!

Craig, where the iron?

Right there.

Hey, Dana.


Loan me $ 200.

Me and Smokey got into it

with Big Worm today.

We owe him $ 200.

He said if we don't pay him,

he going to kill us.

So you going to loan me

the money or not?


You going to call me?

I'm going to call you.

But if you come by,

I won't call you. OK?

Don't ever, ever, ever, ever,

ever, ever, ever come by here.




'Bye, Smokey.



Damn it!

Craig, telephone.

Who is it?

That girl.

Tell her I'll call her back.


Hey, Mama.


Loan me $ 200.

Craig, I wouldn't

feel comfortable

lending you $ 200

without a job.

If I was working,

I wouldn't need $ 200.


Y'all ain't never got no money!

I hate to live with

a bunch of broke-ass people.


Come here!


Why you hook me up with that

fat-ass baldhead girl?

Who? Rita?


Rita is not fat.

She's just big boned.

Shit! That girl wider

than all outside.

Talkin' about she looked

like Janet Jackson.

Oh, no, she didn't go there.

Bitch got out of the car

Iooking more like

Freddie Jackson.

Don't laugh. it ain't funny.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm not trying to laugh.

I just thought that

you two would like each other.

You knew she was baldheaded.

You knew she had no damn hair.


Don't laugh. It ain't funny.

Ooh, I'm sorry.

What Deebo doing over here?

He's in there

asleep with Felisha.

Felisha fucking Deebo too?

Could you mind

your own business?

Where your mama at?

My mama is in Vegas

with her boyfriend.

So y'all just parlaying up

in here, huh?

Oh, shit. Party over here.

Uh-uh, uh-uh.

What? What?


You trippin'.

I'm out of here anyway.

Peace out.


Nasty motherfucker.





What you doing in here?

When YOU doin' in here?


I seen the window open,

so I said fuck it.

Man, get the hell

out of here.

All right, man.

Look here, loan me $ 2.00.

(Knocks on door)


I'm clowning.

Janet Jackson ass

get just a little fat.

Man, forget that.

I almost had the money.


You remember that money we stole

from Stanley house?


Deebo was over Felisha

and Debbie house asleep.

I snuck through

the back window

to get the money

out of his pants,

and little Ezel come

through the window

and woke him up.

I tried to beat

his ass, but he ran.

You ain't catching

no crack head.

Forget that, man.

Let's just go over.

He's probably still asleep.

you breaking in, though.

You going to be with me?

I got you man.



Oh, well. Forget that plan.

What time is it?


I'm just going

to go in the house

and chill, man.

Oh. Now you're getting scared.

You want to go

in the house and lay down?

Hell, no,

nobody run me in my house,

like no little bitch.

This my hood. Fuck Worm.



Y'all busters can't catch me.



Do you know what we just did?

We finally got

that little motherfucker.

Calm down.


Who car is that

coming up creeping?

Drive-by! drive-by!

Get off my ass!

Man, let's go in the house.


Wish you weren't slippin' today.



Who was that?

Big Worm.


Hey, um, somebody,

uh, page Smokey?

Don't play dumb, nigger.

You know who this is.

You got my money?

Man, you don't have

to holler, man.

I ain't got it yet,

but I'm going to get it...


What happened?

Man, he just hung up.

I think we better stay

in the house.


See anything?

Man, I can't see shit.

Too damn many trees

all in the way.

I'm going to try again.

Hey, hey, hey!

Dana told me about

that big snake situation.

Big Worm.

Big Worm, Big Hole -

I don't give a damn.

Get your ass on

out of this house!

You always got some shit goin'.

You, you keep your ass here.

Big Snake, Big Worm...

What kind of a name is that?

I bet y'all drinking that wine

and smoking them tweeds,

wearing them clothes

all half-off your ass.

What the hell's going on today?


Your punk ass dad.

He always talking shit.

Just wait. Well, hold up.

Tell him to comb

his goddamn hair.

Like spiders is having

a meeting on his head.

I'm about sick of you.

I'm sick of you.

Now I'll walk

you home, punk ass.

You see him?

There ain't nobody

even out here.

I don't even know

why I'm trippin'.

Nobody want to mess

with the smoke dog.


Man, who's that?

# It ain't the niggers

that act hard... #

Oh, shit! Oh, shit!


You don't know

who you're messing with!



Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up!

Hey, hey, hey.

Look and see if they're coming.

Hell, no. You look.

We both look on the count of 3.

1, 2, 3!

Craig, thought you said on 3.

You ain't bullshittin' me?

1, 2, 3!

Craig, what the fuck you...

You see them?

Yeah, they coming, man.

I ain't never going

to smoke weed again.

Craig, I love you, man.

Shut up. Let me go!


Shut up, man.

I shot one of them.

I know I shot one of them.

Hey, hey, look again.

Fuck you.

Stanley! Stanley!

What's going on?

I don't know. It sounded

like machine guns.

Oh, Lord.

Mama, where Craig at?

I don't know.

There's Joann. Go ask

her if she's seen them.

Sounded like a bomb.

Joann, you seen Craig

and Smokey in there?

I thought they were over there.

Deebo, you seen Craig

and Smokey around here?



What she say?

She ain't seen him, and Deebo

ain't seen him.

MRS JONES: See why you have

to tell us before you leave?

Look at your face!

It'll be OK.

No, look at your face.

Who do you think you are?

What are you talking about?

You know what

I'm talking about, punk.

You hit my sister like

she was a fucking man.

She had no business

going through my pants.

My sister don't need

to steal nothing

from your broke ass.

Take your ass home.

I'm not scared of you.

All these niggers around here

might be scared of you,

but I'm not.

You take your ass home.

No, fuck you.

You're lucky I'm not a man.

Otherwise I'd kick

your ass myself.

Shut up!

Deebo, man, you trippin'.

What you say, little nigger?

Man, that's a female.

Shut your little

punk ass up, nigger,

before I drop you

like I did this bitch.

Man, I ain't trying

to fight you, Deebo.


You want to fight me

'cause you ain't nothin'

but a bitch too.

What are you going

to do with that...

...besides make me mad?

Put the gun down, son.


Put the gun down, son.

Yeah. Put that gun down, son,

and get knocked down

like your father used to.


This was all the protection

we needed.

You win some, you lose some.

But you live...

You live to fight another day.

You think you're a man

with that gun

in your hand, don't you?

I'm a man without it.



Put that gun down, son.

And get knocked down

like your father used to.

Give me the gun, son.


Give me... give me the gun.

Give me the gun, son.


That's all you got?

Drop him, Craig! Craig! Craig!

Craig! Aw, shit!

Get up, Craig! Get up, Craig!

Oh, shit! God!

God damn.


No, no, no, come on,

baby! Let him be a man.

Go to sleep! Go to sleep! Yeah!

Shoot him.

See, he's not fighting fair!


I been down before.

I been down before.

I taught him better than this.

Come on, Craig!

Come on, Craig!

Told y'all! Y'all want some?

Beat him down! Beat you down!

Who else want some?

Who else want some of Deebo?

DANA: Craig, get up!

MR JONES: Get up, Craig!

Come on, Craig!

Stand up, Craig! Stand up!

There you go!

Hey, punk!

Yes, Mr Big Shot.

Fucking... Yeah, crawl, punk!

Crawl, bitch!

Whoop him, Craig! Whoop his ass!

Ooh, that's what

I'm talking about!

That's my dog!

Take that.

That's my dog!

Ain't that right, Ma?

That's my dog! Mr Parker!

That's my dog!

That's my dog!

Cutie pie.

If anybody got to say anything,

you let me know.

That's my dog.

You OK?



No, no, cupcake.

Leave him alone.

Let him be a man.

I taught him good, didn't I?

Now who's the punk?

He think he a mack.


You got knocked

the fuck out, man.

Give me my goddamn money.

The payback's

a motherfucker, ain't it?

Pow, pow, pow.

Shana, come on.

Come on, Mama.

My grandmama gave me this chain.

Deebo! Deebo!

Man, you should have been

bobbing and weaving.

Look at you. Get up!

Since you ain't,

I'll take these shoes.

Big foot motherfucker,

you can have your knife.

'Cause I steal, I don't kill.

How's your back feeling?

It'll be cool.

Bleeding and shit.

What time you waking up

in the morning?

8:30. Why?

I was just wondering

if maybe you were

feeling better,

then, um, you could come over.

I'm feeling better already.

I'm going to call you tomorrow.


8:30, right?


Hey... 7:30.


That's right.


CRAIG: Hello?

JOl: Why you can't

call nobody back?

Which one of your hos

has somebody

shooting at you?

I don't know why

I waste my time

on your old

stupid ass anyway.

I don't know either.

It's over. Bitch!


Yeah, I got your money,

and I don't appreciate

you sending your punk ass, buster

ass, jheri curl ass friends

to shoot at me and my homie.

They liked to got dealt with.

Don't be calling here like you

some straight up "g",

'cause I'll cut your balls off

and hand them to you, partner.

I had to warn you too many times

about my money, Smokey.

It's the principle

of the whole thing.

There's principalities

in this.

Well, yeah. I got

your money anyway,

and you sell that shit

yourself next time

'cause I'm going to rehab.

I'm through with this shit.

I was just bullshittin',

and you know this, man.


# You know it ain't no stopping

# All the dogs I'm dropping

# It's Friday night,

so everything is popping

# I got spin

that's been on the head

# So let the games begin

# Yakety yak, don't talk back,

go to a song

# Calling up earl

on the car phone

# Mac 10

just got out of court

# Roaming through the hood

in a super sport

# Bumper too short

# 18's got the rear view

mirror's vibrating

# And deep dish dating

# You know how we do it,

ain't nothing to it

# But the floss of the crowd,

Harris & Ross

# 'Cause if you fuck with ours,

we leave scars

# On a "g" right course,

living like stars

# Might hit the highway

on the Vegas run

# Fool, 'cause it's Friday

# Oh, yeah, throw

your neighbourhood in the air

# If you don't care

# Oh, yeah, throw

your neighbourhood in the air

# If you don't care

# Standing outside

on the Friday

# Living on the edge

# 'Cause we all

got them hard heads

# It seems like we all away

# For the drive-by,

playing tag with Satan

# But we chillin',

yeah, we ready and willin'

# You hear about

the latest west side killing?

# But we slippin', say trippin'

# For dipping, pistol gripping,

never slipping

# Big g's

trying to hang out

# But old "g" said, take

your little ass in the house

# My big homie just got out

# Used to be damned,

now we just crack dead

# He's about

as hard as Darth Vader

# In his sweatshirt,

khakis, and chuck taylors

# Just seen them

in the driveway

# Getting beat like a smoker,

fool, 'cause it's Friday

# Oh, yeah, throw

your neighbourhood in the air

# If you don't care

# Oh, yeah, throw

your neighbourhood in the air

# If you don't care, fool

# Why must I be like that

and chase the cat?

# Or settle for a hood rack?

# Do be brave

# No dreadlocks flying

in and out of town

# With half a chicken

and a cock

# And I love her

# 'Cause she dared

to fuck around

# With the underground

# Pussy hound, and her ass

is big, round, and wide

# Jacked up,

making niggers down the rye

# Smoking in dope,

playing that super Nintendo

# Hear a rat-a-tat

on my window

# There goes that

pelvic thrust

# Don't trust a rubber,

'cause it's bound to bust

# In the oven, in the nappy

# I had on 2, so I was happy

# 'Cause that HIV will

make your dick hang sideways

# And that ain't cool, fool,

'cause it's Friday

# Throw your neighbourhood

in the air, if you don't care

# Oh, yeah, throw

your neighbourhood in the air

# If you don't care. #

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Manuel Patino
5 years ago
Bronies and the Brony fandom have bullied me for years, and also those I hold close. They refuse to let up in attacking others online and get very personal in doing so. Something must be done.